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im crying. the horror never end, low FPS in R8500

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May 17, 2002 6:26:27 AM

pLeAsE.. someone there hElP mE pLz..... im in constant fear with this CARD Grrrr.... Hey any know about ACTIVE WORLD ? i go there my FPS goes up down like crazy when i move or look where i see many people the FPS goes down to whatever like 12fps or less and more. im tired of this i ask other people in the active world chat and some1 told me with a GF2 he got stable FPS 30 BUT i get up to 97FPS without stay inside all the people and without move when i move all goes down like a flash !?thi really sucks? My computer SPECS now are WIN98se,athlon 1700xp+ running at 1466mhz fsb133 256mb SDRAM and a AGP 4x with RADEON 8500 64mb DDR, mother board:MSI K7Tturbo2 kt133a ... is this suppost to be ok ? but what can i do wrong if everything work ok ? can the problem be my hard drive? other problem is UNREAL 1 to start the game i click on the ICON on desktop take forever to start for the reason i got D3D on the game if i put SOFTWARE renderer the game start fast , well then take alot of time to start when i start and click OPTION advance to change setting take for ever again this is a PAIN i try deleting th egame and reinstalling again and nothing happen what can this be ?!?! UNREAL 1 is a OLD game and is suppost to run good on a new card right or im wrong? and i have try using hgih details actors and all goes slow as hell this sucks. my computer suck i suck every body suck DAMN. I cant do anything else . any body help me on this PLEASE thanks..

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May 17, 2002 11:19:45 AM

I haven't heard of this game you're talking about but it sounds like you're low on RAM. You might want to add another 256MB. Also, check your AGP aperture. Set it to 128MB? Which driver are you using for your R8500?

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May 17, 2002 1:08:46 PM

256 is plenty of RAM for the games he is playing. I don't think that is the problem. Aperture size should also not affect his FPS to that degree. But on the other hand, I have no idea why his card would be doing that, LOL. I think he should definitely check his system temperature, and his card settings, to make sure he doesn't have like 4X AA enabled ;) 

Also, please tell us what net connection you are using for your online gaming. Do you have any games that work correctly?
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May 17, 2002 2:12:37 PM

1- Was your previos card an Nvidia?
If yes did you removed ALL detonator drivers?Use a prog that cleane all the regestry to do so.

2- Do you have at least a 300w PSU?
Your XP1700 and your R8500 are two power ungry parts of your system.

3- Is your system temp under 60C ?
It will run at 60C+ until you reach around 80C but it will effect your speed if the system runs too hot.

4- In the Driver settings did you tried to put the R8500 to uptimize performance settings to see if it gets better?

I know it's a drag to have to do this, but a simple format and reinstall of Windows might just do the trick.

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a b U Graphics card
May 17, 2002 4:24:25 PM

CooL.! 1-i have AGP aperture set to 64mb! if i set to 128bits can i get better perfomance ? cause my R8500 is 64mb DDR does that matter? ..

and No i never had a nvidia card before and yes i got like 2 other cards drivers on my hard drive i havent removed yet. the first card was ATI rage pro turbo 8mb and the other SIS730 does that matter if i got drivers on hard drive? OK I think too will be good if i get a new HARD DRIVE but i dont have the money right now. but i have no idea how to get all the old stuff i dont want out of my hard drive ?! how i do it? and i got other mobo drivers and alot of stuff is all this a problem ? and maybe i really need to reinstall win98se will that make a difference cause i got this hard drive for like 5 years DAMN is old right? what more can i do then plz . Thanks for the help
OH i forgot my system temperature is at 48ºC to 49º CPU is that ok ? can i still overclock a little bit more from 1466mhz to 1500mhz ? will that make any difference in the computer? my MOBO came with a program call FUZZY LOGIC 3 is to overclock an di can set it AUTO so everything overclock little by little auto ! and i want to know something about 133FSB what means that? i know is the MEMORY speed right? this was at 100mhz before now i set it to 133 and i can still set it to 166mhz is that bad if i set that to 166 ? oh and something else Why i see in my MOTHER BOARD case say:200/266mhz system bus ? what is system bus and where is that used ? i can add up to 1.5gb of memory will that help on anything ? and i got 96MB SDRAM from my old computer 64mb slot and a 32mb slot if i put that on a slot on this new board will that make any conflict ? plzplzpzlplz i want to know about all this can any help !!
May 17, 2002 6:07:58 PM

OMG...the solution :
<font color=red>FORMAT C:</font color=red>

For your temp it's great,software overclocking is not that great a deal...overclock in your BIOS instead,go step by step and see if the system stays stable,do benchmark to do so,like 3DMARK2001SE.BTY dont go to 166 whit XP1700+ you'll toast it!

Why i see in my MOTHER BOARD case say:200/266mhz system bus ?

Because AMD CPU FSB are double pump (2x133=266).
So you should set your system to 133/133 (is your memory 133Mhz or 100Mhz chips ??)Older memory chips are 100Mhz you can look this code out directly on the chip (ex : 16x64-100 = 128Mhz pc100 ).

If you don't want to mess whit CPU mod the only way for you to o/c is via the FSB ,go by 2Mhz steps at time and don't forget to check your temp.

Good luck.

My frog asked me for a cigarette...dunno what happened he's all over the place :eek: 
a b U Graphics card
May 17, 2002 7:38:33 PM

thanks alot.......