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I have a Geforce4 Ti4400 with the newest Detonator XP (28.32 I think) drivers. First off, at the boot screens the picture is a bit smaller and the edges are extremely curved. Then, after the Win2k logo startup screen, it does some funky flashing and most of the time just goes on to the login screen and everything is fine from there. But a couple times it's flashed and froze on me, showing weird looking bands of black and white, and forcing me to reboot.

Now, I just had some new hardware put on the computer yesterday. (Now that's three days ago, since nobody has replied to this post since then) Those new parts are: AMD Athlon XP 1900+, Asus A7V333 mobo, and 512 MB DDR RAM. It froze on me once before too when I had a Pentium III 651 mhz, an Asus mobo, and 768 MB SDRAM. So what I want to know is if anybody else is having problems like this or if not, what is going on? I'll appreciate your thoughts. Thx.

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  1. While I'm at it, I got a couple more questions:
    With the system I have already told you about, what kind of tweaks in the BIOS for Graphics would be the best? Like aperture or whatever and stuff. Also, I have three games right now - well actually two games and a demo. Dronez, Red Faction, and a demo for Return to Castel Wolfenstein. Well, Dronez runs without a hitch with the highest graphics settings on. The other two run without being jerky or anything, but it does some...well, I dunno how to explain it exactly....I guess....sectionalizing? Parts of the screen sort of have to catch up with each other....like it's not refreshing fast enough or something. Is that normal? Maybe I'm just too picky and expected everything to run perfectly with my new upgrade. This problem is not near as bad as it was when I had the old system, but it is still noticeable. So what gives? Again, any suggestions would be appreciated...
  2. PLEASE HELP! It did it again today and I had to use the power switch in the back to turn it off and on....please - anybody
  3. Surely somebody can help me with this......or at least try. I'm tired or my computer locking up every other time I turn it on. Please...thankyou.
  4. You talk about how the loading picture is curved at the edges. I think i know what that problem is. Sometimes, the settings for the monitor are messed up with respect to the picture on the screen; in this case the picture has a rounded look to it, correct? When your computer switches to this screen, do you notice if it changed resolution? I bet that while your in windows, if you set your monitor to a low resolution setting (ie 640x480) it too will have curved edges because that is the same resolution as the startup picture... What you can do is figure out which low resolution is the one that is messed up, then use your monitor settings (i mean the buttons that are actually on your monitor) and set it so that it looks the way you want it to. (if your monitor is the kind that needs to save the settings after a change, do that)As for the other problems, there are some posts on this board with those issues already. i'll find them for you and post it here. Sorry no one has answered. Mnx4

    I forgot to mention that the 28.xx series of drivers are pretty buggy.. go with a 23.11 driver.. i don't think changind the driver will affect the problem i was just talking about because it is a monitor problem and not a video card problem.

    For that problem you were talking about which you called sectionalizing, try enabling vsync in either game options or the driver options in your display settings.

    Here's some settings you can change if you download a program called NVMax... <A HREF="http://www.3dspotlight.com/tweaks/geforce/index.shtml" target="_new">here is the tweak guide</A>

    <A HREF="http://www.tweak3d.net/tweak/geforce/" target="_new">here</A> is another place for tweaking that talks about apeture size and a lot of other motherboard bios tweaks.

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  5. Alright, thankyou. Where can I get the 23.11 drivers? As far as the sectionalizing goes, I've turned vertical sync on and off and it doesn't make much difference. And it gets worse as the game goes on...overheating maybe? But I just don't understand it since I can run Dronez without noticing any of that at all. The two shooter games are the only ones doing it as far as I can tell. Anyway, thanks for the help.

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  6. Well you can get the v23.11 drivers off of guru3d.com. But I have to say, v28.32 are the official drivers and they are the best drivers for GF4s at least. They are bad for GF2s, but for GF4 you should use v28.32. Try the v23.11 anyways.

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  7. His advice to you about the vsync should help...please make sure you have enabled it for both OpenGL and DirectX. I think Red Faction uses DirectX, no? What refresh rates do you have set and what type of monitor are you using?
  8. My monitor is an Alton 17 in. EZ-769 running Windows and games in 1024x768 resolution. I just now changed my refresh rate to 75 Hz from 85 Hz in hopes it would help my lockup problem. Red Faction uses DirectX or Direct3D. Dronez and Wolfenstein use Open GL. But like I said, Dronez runs perfectly while the other two are having problems. I had an average frame rate of 168 fps using the benchmark test that came with Dronez with all the highest graphics settings on.

    As far as the Vertical Sync, I've tried it with it set on and off. Can't tell much difference. Direct3D does not have a Vertical Sync option, at least not with the configuration utility that came with the Detonator drivers.
  9. ok you need to get NVMax then... version 4.0 is out now... i just looked at it before i started writing this and it has an option for directx vsync ... try www.voodoofiles.com.. i think they have it

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  10. I found the vertical sync option in the Red Faction setup and enabled it. It helped considerably. Also I clicked "yes" for "sync every frame" in the Wolfenstein demo, and that seemed to help as well. Thanks.

    Still looking for solutions to my lockup problem though. I had some guy from my dad's office tell me they had it formatted to a higher resolution than the monitor could handle or something, and that was the problem. I dunno what he's talking about...I have Windows running at 1024x768 which always used to work fine before I got the new video card. Oh, and about the boot screens - I can't adjust anything on my monitor during that time. The only thing that works is brightness...none of the other options will work. I just push the buttons and nothing happens. The BIOS screen is doing it too. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. ;) I have no idea what the guy from your dad's office is talking about...but I'm quite sure that's not the problem. Win2k and nVidia drivers will not allow you to set the refresh rate of a monitor at an unsupported level...unless you checked 'show all refresh-rates'. On any level, I don't think that is the problem. Interestingly enough, you say that these happen on startup...isn't that before the drivers for the monitor load? Someone help me out here, because my monitor boots at 800x600 and switches over to 1280x1024 once XP loads up. How often do you lock up? What cooling solutions do you have on your computer, and is your monitor well ventilated?
  12. 1. Use driver version 28.32 The one on nVidia's official website. Version 23.11 does not include fuctions neccessary for GF4 cards. Version 28.32 is not a buggy piece of crap. In fact it works just fine and most people have zero problems with it at all.

    2. Don't believe you mentioned what OS your using. If its WinXP or 2000 then this wouldnt be the problem but if your using 98 or ME then your crash problems are most likely having too much ram for the OS to handle. 98 and ME like 256MB RAM, more and you risk crashes and memmory dumps.

    3. Power Supply, if you have less than a 300Watt power supply you should upgrade it as it might be the cause of your problems. nVidia claims GF4 computers require a minimum of 300Watt power supply. Preferably 350Watt.

    4. Cooling. Get your case ready to where you can pull the side off real fast. Next time it locks up, pull the side off and feel how hot the Heat sink is on the graphics card. If it feels really hot then you probably are overheating the graphics card. This would only happen in games. The other signal you have a heating problem is that you feel tons of hot air pouring out of your case when you pull the side off. The solution to this is to get a better case with intake and exhaust fans if this is your problem.

    5. Vsync. Vsync should fix alot of wierd graphics glitches like fluttering, flashing textures and poly's, etc... But rarely does it fix crashes. Supposedly what it does is sync your graphics card and monitors refresh so you get the best possible image for your monitor's settings.

    6. Just below the screen on your monitor you should have controlls which allow you to manipulate a monitor settings menu or something similar. Use those to ajust the size and geometry and position of your picture for each different resolution setting. Note that the windows start up screens are in a different resolution from wahtever your desktop setting likely is so thats why your desktop looks good but startup is warped.

    7. You dont need any extra programs (registry editors etc) to get your system running right. All the vsync options are in your advanced graphics settings. As well are all options you will ever need to make the card run correctly. Using 3rd party registry editors for graphics cards will only hurt the situation more if your not already very stable.

    8. If problems continue, find a wall, ram your head into it, hard, many times.

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  13. The fellows at my dad's office built the computer. I have no idea what the power supply voltage is. I'll have to check on that. Overheating doesn't make sense to me because it only locks up when I first boot up. If I get to the login screen and everything looks fine there, thing works like a charm. I've played games on it for over an hour at a time without any problems, then I quit and return to Windows 2000 and run the computer for several more hours without any problems. It has never crashed on me during normal operation, just at the very beginning. Like I said, once I get past that everything works fine. I'm getting a lockup 2 out of every 3 times I boot up.
  14. hey if i would have saw it i would have answered.

    it's probably either a bad video card or a bad port on the motherboard. bt i guess you have tried 2 different motherboards and both did the samething? if so the video card is probably bad.

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  15. Oh, that reads alot different than your initial post..though it could have been the other responses that were so misleading.

    What your describing now is completely different and probably not related to your graphics card AT ALL. Assuming you've tried a complete reformat and reinstall, I would point to a bios/cmos problem. Flash your bios with the latest version off the manufacturers web site, be sure to follow their instructions. After that, reboot, make sure your bios settings are correct, then try booting up some more. If the problem continues you need to get professional help or try other parts if you have access to them to test your electronics and see where the glitch is. If you can replace one part at a time until it works flawlessly then you've found your culprit. Like i aid though, i'd bet money on bios/cmos or other motherboard problem with that last description.

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