which vid card supports this??

a friend of mine needs a vid card that supports, as he says "digital out for LCD flat screen or
sumpthin....pure digital out vs analog to digital converter..." does anyone know if the radeon 8500 or geforce 3 support this?

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  1. Radeon 8500's come standard with a DVI output, but not reference GeForce3 cards. You can find a great deal on a Radeon 8500 at <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/" target="_new">Newegg</A> $114 shipped.

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  2. hmmm.... i see the radeon le for $115, is that what you are talking about? i thought i heard the le wasnt that great.... is that true?

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  3. No, the one that's $104 and costs $10 dollars to ship. The bulk model has 3.3ns RAM just like the regular Radeon 8500 64MB, so it's super overclockable. Even if you didn't overclock the card, you'll still get great performance. It has all the features of the standard Radeon 8500, and it's specs are pretty much the same except for the lower clock speed.
  4. ooohhhhh, i see.... so if i oc it, its esencially the same as the regular 8500.... wow, thats pretty sweet for a hundred bucks. i remember when i got my geforce 256 many years ago i paid ~$350..... ddooooooohhhhh.

    ....the birds seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
  5. What does the "Bulk" mean? Do you actually have to buy like 50 of them? Also. how do you know that the card has 3.3ns RAM? I thought that was only on the 128MB Retail versions with BGA RAM? Don't think that all R8500LEs have the 3.3ns RAM. OEM cards aren't great and if the RAM on that card isn't 3.3ns, you may be stuck with a card that runs at 250/230 core/mem. Not great.

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  6. I bought one with 3.3ns RAM, and everyone I know that bought one has got one with 3.3ns RAM. The 3.3ns RAM is only on the cards that Newegg ordered in bulk, and you just might end up with a new batch that doesn't have the 3.3ns RAM.
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