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omg i beg any one on the web to solve this i have a dell xps 410 with xp 32 bit. i when and changed cd to first in bios and started downloading 7 it finish that first bar on the bottom and says starting windows 7 a few sec after that the screen goes black or reboots!!! i cant figure it out tried so many things.
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  1. sry wrote it in a frank state i put cd first in the bios screen where you choose order to go in. and windows 7 starts and downloads that first white bar on the bottom and after that i see starting windows and it will either go blank or reboot.
  2. The specs to your PC would be very helpful. It sounds to me that your hardware needs to be checked OR something in the bios needs to be checked. Try loading everything in the bios to default settings and then go to your booting options and put the cd first, exit the bios and save, then run it. If that doesnt work, then let me know. I have a couple other things you can try.
  3. omg i love u replied yes i have done that setting bios to default even gone as far as reloading xp fresh. specs for comp are
    - dell xps 410
    -Intel e6300 dual core about to put in a q6700 but go to fix this first
    -graphics card nvidia 9800 gt but i read there is a problem with dvi out put go i have a older card in right now with a vga out put
    - 6 gig ram on a 32 bit xp :(

    computer is fresh just got down with new xps full reinstall
    i cant figure out this who ever solves this give me your shipping info and a walmart 50 dollar gift card will be heading your way!!!
  4. Look at your harddrives Jumpers (located in the back by the ide input) Make sure the jumper is set to Master or CS-Cable Select. I recommend Cable Select, if its already there than do Master. The hardware in the computer could also be giving you issues. Try removing the graphics card and seeing if it will run the disk. If that dont work, check your memory (take them all out but one) and see if your disk will run. Let me know how it goes.
  5. I assume you are going from XP 32 Bit to Win7 64 Bit (you indicate 6 Gigs of RAM).

    If this is the case, you can not do a upgrade. I would select custom install, delete the current partitions, then re-partition the HDD. Installation may be choking on HDD created with XP 32 Bit.
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