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Aloha dudes and duddettes,
I am trying to upgrade my Win98 SE to WinXP PRO but when i did a scan check it said that I have a problem. I used to have a dual boot up which I had Win98 SE first and then i installed Win2000. I didn't like Win 2000 so I had the guys at CompUSA uninstall it. Looks like it wasn't uninstalled completely. Thing is can I still upgrade WinXP PRO even though I got this message? Will WinXP PRO by pass this?
Also will my programs be deleted from my Hard Drive after the XP PRO upgrade? I'm not a computer whiz ....... Any help is appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Thanks and mahalo,
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  1. Best thing to do is back up your data, wipe the hard drive and start fresh. Upgrade installs have always proved to be problematic. You'll have less headaches by starting fresh.

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  2. What problem you got? If it is a problem of detecting the win2K, just view all files and in your C drive, open the boot.ini file. Delete the line with windows 2000.

    The try to install win XP again. Be sure to back up your boot.ini first.
  3. BOOT!

    Thank you!!! it worked!!! now it started up with no options of what to boot up!! MAHALOS!


    Thanks and mahalo,
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