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Hi everyone, I just read the article about MS crackdown on counterfeit software. Interestingly, I came across a store locally that sells Windows 7 Ultimate digital download for $100 (3 copies for $250). I am not familiar with digital download, and the price seems too good to be true. The guy said I get a set of "burnt" disks and he can verify with MS on the phone that the product keys are legitimate. He said they are a certified MS partner, and the price they pay is the reseller price. However, he cannot allow me access to the digital download because that belongs to the store's account.

Is this the right pricing for Windows 7 Ultimate digital copy? I did a bit of research and found another site that claims to do the same. They sell the digital download they purchased from reseller. There are also a lot of whole-sale windows 7 sites. And some places they are so cheap ($60 a copy with the MS box, not download) and even advertise as "straight from China." I am thinking this cannot be legit. Must be counterfeit.

Does anyone know? Is this too good to be true? I have the links to the sites but I don't want to post yet since I am not sure if I will be promoting counterfeiting.

Sorry if this is not the right forum, but I need some help here. Thanks!
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    When it sounds to good to be true it is.

    A technet subsription costs $199 and you literally get 100s of activations.

    These people are burning their not for sale or trade .isos they get from Microsoft and selling them for huge profits.

    It is illegal, via the license agreement for technet, but these keys and .isos are genuine.

    Worst case scenario, they get caught, go to jail, and they keys to their accounts become blacklisted. Then you will have to pay for a retail key.

    The Chinese ones are probably genuine counterfeits, I would be interested to see the site for those if you could PM it to me.

    I have a technet account and I have 100s of keys that will never be used. It was well worth the $$$

    I have every edition of xp, vista, 7, office o3. office 07, office 10 each one has 10 keys with 10 activations, basically 100 keys per product.
  2. I PM you the sites. I won't be buying from him. However, isn't it quite brazen to contact MS to see if the keys are legit, all while selling them illegally?
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