Gforce4 and Soyo Dragon Plus MB incompatibility

Turns out that the GForce4 video cards are not compatible with the Soyo Dragon Plus mother board (not agp or pci) without sending the board back to the manufacturer to be reworked for compatibility. . I was running around in circles before I found it out. See my attached email excerpts. I thought other should know.
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Please go to Download the form for end user, fill it up and just follow the instruction written in the form.
You need to get a RMA to rework the incompatibility between the GE Force 4 and the P4S Dragon Ultra.
Your case no. is xxxxxxxxx

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Motherboard: P4s dragon Ulta 05/06/02
BIOS Version: p4sx2ba3
CPU: p4 2.2 gig
Memory: 512mb micron pc2700 333 memory
VGA Card: Creative blaster 4 ddr mx440 agp
Other peripherals: 80 gig hd
40x cd burner- 8x dvd
Operating System: windows xp

Problem Description:
I have a creative blaster 4 DDR 400 MHZ mx440 with 64mb of memory on it. it is a geforce4 ddr AGP video card. my Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra mother board will not recognize it (one long beep two short). I know the card works as I tried it in another persons computer with an msi mother board and it reocgnzies it right away with no proplem at all. yes, the agp slot works on my soyo ok as I am running it right now with a borrowed video card I have which is a hercules 4000xt with 32 mb of sdram (not the newer ddr). I have tried flashing the bios to various levels and it did not help. I have tried various bios settings that I have found on various forums and that did not help. I now have the latest flash and it does not work. another odd thing is that I even tried a PCI DDR card in it and it does not work either! same symptom it just will not recognize it. I tried it in every slot and tried changing the bios settings to every combination imagineable and no go. That card was a PCI Xtasy nvidia gforce4 mx420 with 64mb of memeory. I know it is good as I use it in my 2nd computer. ( it is an asus MB with a celeron 500 cpu and sdram not ddr) Yet I can put any other PCI card into my soyo MB such as a S3 and they work. It appears that I cannot use any video card with ddr memory on it on this soyo mother board. Or is it the gforce4 Nivida chipset that is the problem ? since both the cards that I canot use are Nividia gforce 4 and both have ddr memory. HELP!!!!! Obviously there is some incompatabilty here. I really wnat to use the Gforce4 ddr as it is very very good and fast. Is there a bios patch I need or something. Or is the board bad? everything else seems quite alright with the video card I am borrowng right now (the sdram card). I have no other symptoms. I am waiting a response. xxxxxxxxxxx
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