Problem with WPA-PSK bridging between Belkin 7230s

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Ok, so I've set up a couple of Belkin FD7230uk4 wireless 54g routers,
one is attached to my NTL set-top-box, providing internet access for
my PS2 and wireless connectivity for my other PCs. The other is set up
as an access point in my loft (connecting an old Mac, an SGI box, a
NetBSD box, and my WinXP box - all via the four router connections). I
also have a PC on the first floor with a non-Belkin 54G PCI card

Now, I am quite happily running all of this when using 128bit WEP;
bridging between the AP and router, all computers can see the
internet, they can all see each other. So far so good. I then read
some stuff which says that WEP isn't so secure, better to be using
WPA(-PSK). Ok, so I configure the router (fine) the PCI card (fine - I
can still reach the internet), and finally the AP. Hmmm, not fine. The
AP cannot connect to the router using WPA-PSK. So, I switch it back to
WEP - again, it all works.

Bizarrely, the PC with the 54G PCI card can see (and connect with)
both the router and AP when using WPA-PSK (using the same key/SSID
etc.) so I'm pretty sure they're set up Ok, it's just a little weird
that the AP and router cannot connect.

I'm basically happy with the two routers - for just over £40 each, you
can't go wrong!

(both AP and router have the latest UK firmware - 3.00.08)

Anyone got any thoughts on this behaviour?!



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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    Just got a reply from Belkin support:

    "I am sorry to say that due to the way WDS bridging functions you will not be
    able to bridge the router and access point whilst using WPA security.

    Please accept my apologies for any problems that this may cause you.

    If you should need further assistance please feel free to contact me again."

    So, at least I can stop trying to make it work... :-|

    I guess WEP128 will have to do...

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