does anyone actually approve of this card?

putting together a system to be used for graphic/ web design (just 2d) no games.. so therefore i was suggested by some computer due that the --Matrox Millennium G450 16Mb DDR Dual Head AGP Display Card --would fit the bill and is great for what i want to do. However whenever i post the list of parts i'm thinking about getting for my upcoming system this card is the one thing people always don't like..

just looking for approval.. more opinions...? remember i won't be playing any games on this machine...

i know i could get something that is around the same $ if not less that handles 3d good as well but does the matrix listed above really do 2d better? becuase there is no point in getting something that has good 3d support when i won't be making use of it...
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  1. NO game what so ever? are you sure?
  2. Think of value rather than price - ATi cards have exceptionally good 2D performance and the newer ones can support dual monitors. You'd be buying a lot of futureproofing too, plus great 3D performance.

    Dual monitor support is far more common now than it used to be - a 16MB card is nowhere compared to what is now available at very reasonable prices.

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  3. If thats what your planning on doing, Mateo, then defintely stick to it and get the G450. Don't let these ATI guys sway you to the dark side. For pure 2d quality and features for graphics and web design MAtrox wins 8 days a week.

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  4. For half the price of a G450, you can get a 32MB DDR Radeon 7000 with dual monitor support, as good 2D performance, and better 3D performance.

    Plus, from I have read about dual monitor software support, the ATI and NVidia programs for handeling dual monitor output is much better than the matrox version.

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  5. How quickly do you need your system? The next offering from Matrox looks awesome for 2-D, but it won't be out for a little while (2-3 months). I read somewhere that there will be different memory sized cards. I hope so because I know I won't need a 256K card.

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  6. I think Matrox graphic card are great for 2D graphic/ web design.
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