When install the system cannot find the file specified

when i try to install something from my disk D, it appears this error message, and different other types of messages. As I studied, it depends of the softwarte I try to install. If I copy the file to disk C, I can normally instyall it. What could be the reason?
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  1. Your disk drive may be failing, What messaages do you get.
  2. for example, when try installing the video driver ( "2-Win7Vista15177" on my eMachines e725, Windows 7 ) , I get two error messages. 1st - <system cannot find the file specified > , than I press ok, and the second message, with the red icon alert - <Unable to open the self-extracting executable file. The file is locked or in use by another process. The install will terminate.>

    then I tried to install the audio driver. - The program may not have installed correctly. And the options next..as in all win 7 OC's. And some other software with such kind of messages. Otherrs work well. These, copied to C , work well to.. I remeber same issue, when was using XP SP3 of a friend..and had the same situation.
  3. ok, I formated it and now seems to work fine.. but why did it happen...
  4. What did you format? that fixed the problem. C: drive?
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