AGP Aperature vs. Core/Mem Clock Settings?

Hey guys I'm pretty new to using an agp based card. My setup is a
1.6A ~> 2.3B @148fsb
TH7-II Raid
1gig Samsung PC800
Gainward Ti4600
WinXP Pro

I have the 2.8.32 drivers and I have my agp aperature at 128mb but when i tried to mess with the clock settings it keeps crashing when trying to run 3dMark2001 but at "safe mode" core/mem settings my score was at 11342 or something close to that number. Is there any way to rearrange my settings to get better performance?
ps. It's stock cooling for everything.
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  1. the crashing will have more to do with messing with your Mhz than the apature.

    you have to consider that when dealing with these superfast cards, especially the high end 4600 that you are allready close to the upper limit.
    the ram may be able to do more, but usually the Core is very sensitive.

    overclock a bit at a time. work out the limits for the core & mem.

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  2. I doubt it has much to do with the aperature size, and u really should set it to 256-512 MB (if u can use 512 mb....)

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