Can't unhide NTFS partition, please help

Someone please help me, thanks. At first I had virus(es) related to RPC which pops up a dialog saying RPC needs to reboot computer, then I had virus(es) that shuts down regedit and antivirus automatically after opening them for a moment. I ran antivirus in safemode winxp pro but found nothing. I decided to delete all the partitions and reinstall all my WinXP Pros. Now I have another virus(es) that turns my inactive partitions to type 17 (hidden NTFS) and I can't access those partitions at all. Partition Magic 8 can't unhide them. I booted using floppy to DOS and did scans with f-prot but found nothing. F-prot couldn't scan the hidden NTFS either. I wasted so much time trying to fix this but with no further progress. Please help! Thanks alot.
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  1. Christ man, you need to re-evaluate your web habits if you're getting that many virii.
  2. To address the RPC shutting down your computer...

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