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Boot up issue

When I bootup my win 7 PC I just turn it on ant then I will see my cursor at the top left hand corner of the screen blinking for 2 to 3 minutes befor I see the MS splash screen upon starting up my PC. It takes a total of 4 mins to bootup in total. What is causing this?

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  1. First off, will you're computer even run Windows 7? If not then you know what's wrong?

    Secondly, Do only have Windows 7 installed? Remember Windows 7 is still in Beta stage and that you should have Windows XP or Vista as a Dual-boot OS.
  2. I have a similar problem that I found was caused by my HP all in one network printer, if the printer is turned on during boot up, the cycle is about 3 minutes, when its turned off during boot the puter starts right up
  3. Disconnect any and all non-essential devices. If that fixes the issue, then add them back one by one until the problem resurfaces. The last thing you added before the problem came back is the cuprit.
  4. I have an HP printer hooked up as well. I uninstalled it and unhooked it but still had same results of 4 min upon boot up.

    Ok, Under other devices there is 2 entries of "IPMI interfaces" and "PCI serial Port" with yellow ! point next to them. How would I go abouts fixing this please? I appreciate your help. Should I click on each one and click update driver?

    Edit: I tried to update but there were no updates available. Now what do I do please?

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    Hmmm.. Those should normally be installed as part of the motherboard's drivers... Did you do that? If not - Go to your motherboard's maker's website, and download them. From there, you have two choices: Run the executable, or (unzip as necessary) go to Device Manager and point the "Have Disc" option to the folder you downloaded the mobo drivers to.
  6. What are you specs?
  7. D/l drivers from site. Right clicked and ran as admin on 3 application files then went to device manager and tried reinstalling drivers to no avail.

    Systems specs P4, 2gb RAM, 3GB Processor, DVD-RW. Need any other info?

    Mobo is D945 GTP from intel.
  8. I seen this on my laptop:

    Toshiba 1.86ghz Celeron 2 gig ram

    It would happen when I had a cd/dvd in the drive. While it was hanging at the blinking cursor I ejected the media and it jumped straight into the splash screen.

    Love Win 7, it runs circles around Vista that came loaded on this machine. I had downgraded to XP before this beta came out. Haven't had any problems and have been running it as a production environment.
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