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I want to upgrade get a new video card for a new system I'm building. I currently have a Gainward GForce2 MX 400 32mb TwinView VIVO, that I'm running on a AMD 750 system with a 200mhz main bus, 512mb ram and Windows 98 SE. It's pretty good, but I want something better for the flight and train simulators I run. After reading some reviews on this site, I've tentatively decide on the Abit Siluro GForce 4 Ti4400. One drawback I see to that card is that it doesn't come with NView, which sounds like a good tool that I'll want for the two monitors I plan to use. The system I'm building is based on an Abit KR7A-RAID mother board, which has ATA 133 support and a 266mhz main bus running Windows XP Professional with 256mb of DDR ram. I'd like to hear some opions on a graphics card for this system. I'll be using an IBM P260 21" monitor and a CTX 17" monitor for the system. Also if anyone can advise me on a good 400 watt case that has good cooling and is relatively quiet, I'd welcome that as well.

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  1. Are you sure the Abit card doesn't come with nView; I was pretty sure that this was a standard feature with all GF4 TI cards. You might want to double check that.

    As for the case...I can't help you too much on that one.

    sorry, but I'm still stuck in the Pentium III world
  2. It technically comes with nView, it just doesn't support two monitors hardware-wise. There's only a VGA adapter. I'm pretty sure that's what you're talking about, right?

    Try a Gainward Ti4200 128MB at Newegg for...I think $204.

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  3. Quote:

    Try a Gainward Ti4200 128MB at Newegg for...I think $204.

    Even better, a Radeon 8500 128MB for $159. That's the best deal for a graphics card by far. Most come with 3.3ns DDR RAM so there's a lot of overclocking room.

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  4. A GF4 Ti4200 OCed to 4600 speeds would perform better, but they're both a great deal.

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  5. Quote:
    A GF4 Ti4200 OCed to 4600 speeds would perform better, but they're both a great deal.

    Of course, but at $159, the R8500 128MB is a steal as it includes dual-monitor support and provides performance roughly on par with the Ti4200, especially with the latest drivers.

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  6. It's really between the Ti4200 128MB and R8500 128MB on this one for the video card, unless you want a Ti4400. If you do, go for the LeadTek. What processor will you be getting? If it's not more than a XP1800+, I'd probably stick with either Ti4200 or R8500. As for the case, the Antec 10880 case are pretty good.

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  7. Quote:
    Of course, but at $159, the R8500 128MB is a steal as it includes dual-monitor support and provides performance roughly on par with the Ti4200, especially with the latest drivers

    speaking of drivers...anyone tried the lastest leaked R8500 driver (6093 for win xp)?

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  8. I just got the TI4200 at CompUSA for $180 AFTER the $20 rebate. This card is incredible. SOF2 is utter eye candy with it...
  9. Again, I must point out that the $99 at newegg has 64MB RAM and 3.3ns memory and overclocks to be as fast as a Ti4400 (and even faster if you count anisotropic filtering since ATi does it faster and you'll almost always want aniso on anyway because things look so much better). Don't mess with that nvidia junk right now. Nvidia is overpricing their cards for the next couple weeks and meanwhile they are churning out their next middle-stage cards (probably a next gen GF4 card that's meant for budgets and to compete with the Xabre and radeon 7500) and next-stage cards (nv30) which will be more economical in terms of price/performance ratio. ATi is not doing that right now because remember ATi's production always comes right before nvidia's. Within 3 weeks ATi's R250 will be overpriced and nvidia's will be more reasonable priced. It's like a tango dance. One comes close and the other backs away, then the other comes close and the same one backs away.

    Also keep in mind ATi may have a large stash of hynix memory to spare so their R250 may not be as overpriced as I think it is when it actually comes out (this is the same as the R200 but just comes with 3.3ns guaranteed whereas half the R200 cards out there have 3.6ns and the other half 3.3). If it isn't overpriced I'll be pleasantly surprised, and ATi will definitely outsell nvidia.

    Bottom line:
    -in a couple weeks nvidia's cards will deliver better price/performance ratio when the nv30 comes out
    -in a few weeks ATi will release the R250 and R300 and may overprice the R250 or may not, this card is identical to the current R200 but with 3.3ns RAM guaranteed (ATi's product schedule comes out earlier than nvidia's which is why I said 'few' weeks instead of 'couple')
    -currently for the next 3 weeks I'm estimating the $99 ATi OEM 64MB card with the 3.3ns memory at Newegg will be the best buy unless you plan on going with the top notch GF4 ti4600

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  10. I'm not sure where you got your information about the Abit
    Siluro Ti4400 not supporting NView.

    I purchased my Abit Siluro Ti4400 from www.ajump.com for
    $220. While I have not attempted to use 2 monitor, the
    card has both the hardware and the software to support
    2 monitors. It also includes a DVI to VGA converter
    in case you have two analog monitors.

    So far I have been very happy with the card, good 2D, fast
    3D and quiet.

    Abit KX7-333R, Abit Siluro Ti4400, XP1800+, 512MB Crucial DDR2100, WD 120 GB HD, Santa Cruz.
  11. Thanks for your reply. And thanks to all of you who responded to my request for help.
    I found out after I wrote my original post that I was wrong about NView. This card has it. After doing some more research I'm about to buy the Abit Siluro GForce 4 Ti4400. I do have two more questions, though. 1) Does this card come with the TV-In feature and Ulead Video Studio? On the Abit site those two items are listed as optional and I'm trying to find out how to order the card with those features. 2) What case did you choose for your system and are you comfortable with the sound level? The system I'm building is similar to yours and will have an XP-1800 or faster processor and with the RAID feature of the motherboard will probably end up with a total of 7 drives (4 hdds; cd-rom; DVD and cd-rw). I'm told that 400 watts is required for such a system. I'd like to get a case that has good cooling and relatively quiet fans. I've experienced a 400 watt case that had a fan on the side. The noise it makes lets me know that the sound output of my new system is going to be a pretty important factor for me.

    Thanks again, for your help
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