blurry text with geforce3 ti 200

i have been getting blurry hard to read text in my games that i play.i didnt get this with my old voodoo3 3000 is there a way to fix this?i am using a gainward geforce3 ti200 with the latest drivers. running on an asus a7a 266 mb with win xp installed. does this have to do with the 2d not being good on this card?
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  1. People call it 2D image quality but it's actually general image quality that is affected, and 3D is included.

    Some Geforce cards used low quality RF filters. This affects the visual quality. With some manufacturers the problem isn't visible even at 1600x1200 resolution. In really poor cases "bluriness" can be seen at 800x600.

    If this is the problem there are 3 "fixes" but none of them really great.

    Firstly you should confirm that you have the problem. Change your desktop to different resolutions from 800x600 up to the maximum of your monitor. If you get bluriness then you do have the problem.

    Here are the "fixes".

    1. You can run at a lower resolution where the problem isn't visable.

    2. You can modify the video essentially removing the RF filters. This would void your warranty.

    3. If your video card has a DVI port you can try a DVI to VGA adapter. I've heard that cheap adapters have an even worse problem than the bluriness. They can cause shadows or ghosting. (I've never tested this fix. I've only read about it).

    4. If the card is new you can return it complaining about the bad visuals. Replace it with a name brand Geforce4 (better visuals) or replace it with a Radeon 8500 (great visual quality).

    I chose to modify my video card (but it was only a $65 Geforce2). If you are interested here is <A HREF="" target="_new"> a link</A> to the basic process. You can also check out the forums at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, use a search with keywords "geforce" and "quality". You'll find Geforce3 owners who have done the mod. They may be able to tell you how to mod your specific card.

    Basically, the mod involves cutting 3, 6, or 9 surface mounted capacitors from the RGB output traces. This gives about 85 percent of the improvement that you will get (which varies from card to card). The remainder of the mod is bypassing the resistors in the same RGB circuits. This can be done by soldering or the easy process is just paint over the resistors with conductive paint.

    The mod is easier than it sounds but there is some risk to the card. If you are too rough removing the capacitors you can damage the underlying traces. If you make this mistake then will have cut the traces and solder in a bypass completely around the filters. If you do even more damage then you are probably out luck.

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  2. I think there's also a registry hack u can do that has good effects. Also, the newest drivers aren't good for GF3- use 23.11.

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  3. I think Gainward card have good image quality.
  4. i prefer Hercules 3D Prophet or Asus.
  5. are you sure?
  6. Here's something to check. I've heard that when people turn anti-aliasing on, the text in the games becomes quite a bit more blurry. I don't know where you'd turn that on or off, but it would certainly cause the problem you mention.
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