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I have had my system hacked by a stalker. I took it into a computer repair shop and they discovered that he had enabled remote access and had hacked into my microsoft messenger. So we thought that we had fixxed all the problems and were in the process of transfering everything from my C drive to an external hard drive with the intention of doing a complete re-installation of windows. so I come home and turn on my moniter only to discover a msg saying that the UsrClass.dat action can't be performed because the file is being used in another program. Also, when checking if everything from my c drive was transfered to my external drive I discovered under the AppData about four headings down under the heading content was a file called overlay.xul...what should I do?
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  1. Go back to the computer repair shop. If you hired them to complete the job, they should honor that and take care of these problems. Btw, the presence of "overlay.xul" indicates that at least traces of malware are still on your system, and possibly active.
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