All programs in windows 7 not starting after idle for a few hours

For some reason if i leave my computer idle for a few hours the system drive disapears, i cants open any programs without an error about reading the harddrive, and only programs open when it was idle work. This is getting really annoying can anyone help?

edit: the hard drive is a 1tb hitachi Deskstar and the os is windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
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  1. check your power saving options, i remember something in there about shutting off the harddrive after a long period of inactivity
  2. i set it not to turn the hard drive off hoping that it would fix the problem, it didnt. I think the problem may be with the sata controller drivers, or my hard drive firmware but im not sure
  3. still no luck finding a solution, anyone else have any ideas?

    edit:the hard drive will also not wake from sleep if in sleep for long periods of time, and show a black screen where i can only move the mouse
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