agp slot in abit at7 not compatible with ti4400 ?

so i'm looking at my new abit at7 mobo, and it looks like the levers that pop inward when you snap in a memory dimm are going to block insertion of a long video card like a nvidia geforce 4 ti 4600, or my voodoo 5 card grrr... (yipes!) am i wrong or will it just squeeze by.
the reason i'm asking is because, i'm about ready to buy a new graphics card, and i'm thinking of getting the abit gf ti 4400, or the ati 8500 128 mb. but i am not sure if either will fit.
does anyone know which cards will fit without being hampered by the dimm levers?
please reply.
thanks :)

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  1. according to the ABIT AT7 review on THG, you'll have no mechanical problem installing a GEFORCE4 4400-4600 on that board.
  2. cool! now all i have to do is find a place that sells the abit ti 4400, or 4600 for a reasonable price. newegg seems to always be out of stock when it comes to the abit cards. :(
    maybe i should go for the chaintech version??

    thanks for the reply. :)

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  3. There are several boards where the card can only be installed when the memory levers are closed, but I haven't heard of any where it was impossible to install.

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  4. yeah, because if i did put one in, my at7 agp slot would make for a too close for comfort fit, even with the levers locked and all. i'm startig to think maybe just sweating it out a few more months with my voodoo 5, and save up in the meanwhile for the matrox 256 mb card, or until the geforce 4's go down in price and sweat it out hoping that a HUGE heat sink (if i go the ledtek route) won't get in the way.

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  5. oh and also there's is a picture of a few not fitting due to the poor design on some of the board's ide interface placement
    looks like one of them is the soltek.
    but man, that picture shows a tight fit as far as the dimm levers are concerned!

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  6. I purchased my Abit Ti4400 at for $220 (retail).
    However, they too are out of stock now. Must be a popular card.

    I have no problems with my Ti4400 in my Abit KX7-333R motherboard. It
    looks close to the dimms, but there is still enough room to install/remove
    the memory.

    Abit KX7-333R, Abit Siluro Ti4400, XP1800+, 512MB Crucial DDR2100, WD 120 GB HD, Santa Cruz.
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