Render farm with beowulf cluster

Hello everybody

I'm about to build a render farm with about 40 nodes using a beowulf-like architecture for the cluster. My problem is, I'm not sure about the topology of the network I'll have to use. Is it a good idea to use a NAS? And if yes, is it ok to connect it to just the network switch,or should I connect it to every node seperately? And moreover, am I going to need an extra server node apart from the master node of the cluster?

Excuse me if some of my questions are silly but I'm completely new to all of this.

Thanks in advance

(p.s budget is about 60.000 euros without including cooling system and power costs)
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  1. You would do far better by posting this on a Linux forum.
  2. What are the specs for the node computers? I assume you want to use a NAS for common storage/data. That should be fine.

    Honestly, one flat network with a 48 port switch (gig ether) will do the trick. Depending on the size of the chunks of data, even 100mb ethernet will work.
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