Windows 7 and Windows 8 Dual-Boot problem!

Hello, I'm having trouble booting into Windows 7 after installing Windows 8 to a second hard drive.
It's not two partitions. It's two hard drives. One has Windows 7, and the other has Windows 8.
Windows 8 is booting up just fine, but every time I try to boot into Windows 7, it just goes to the startup repair crap. It says it can't find the problem.

I know Windows 8 has a new boot loader or something like that. Is it possible that Windows 7 isn't compatible with the new boot loader?
If anybody could help me fix this, I'd be very great full.

Thanks, Chris
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  1. Hi Chris,

    I'm assuming you have two completely installations on separate HDD's, both with an MSR reserved partition, and both marked as "Active"? Of did you end up with a single MSR on one of the drives and not the other? Then you change the boot order with a hot key like F12 to the desired Win OS?

    There is a difference in the boot blocks where the MSR on Win-8 takes 350MB as compared to 100MB for Win-7.

    You might try placing the Win-8 drive on SATA_0, and the Win-7 on a higher number SATA_#, to see if that works.

    They should be completely separate with their own boot blocks, so that if you unplugged the power to Win-8, Win-7 would boot properly even if not set first to boot.
  2. I have dual booted windows 7 and Windows 8 Enterprise without any problems, perhaps you had the BIOS set to boot from the wrong drive when you installed Windows 8. It should be set to boot to the windows 7 drive.
  3. boot loader no longer exists in windows vista above OS. You could try using your win 7 installer CD boot from there and use startup repair. I'd say it has something to do with the bootmgr not recognizing Win 7 or a missing startup file.
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