I can't install my ATI RAGE PRO TURBO's drivers!

i had failed to start WIN98 using a ATI RAGE PRO TURBO card with the driver in win98-CD of ATI RAGE PRO TURBO(i think it must be a fake XPERT 98), but it can run in win2000 normally. but when win98 start, my computer has no response but a black screen.
And my mainboard is ASUS P2V ( VIA 693 + 596 ). When i use the ATI card in another computer using the driver in WIN98-CD with a different mainboard(like MVP3), it runs OK!
So if it can runs in P2V or not? Who knows how to resolve the problem?
And who has the orignal driver of Xpert 98(play)? (Not the public version driver) If you have, email the address to me. Thanks very much!
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  1. Sounds like a Via 4-in-1 driver problem, try a different revision.

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