ati aiw 8500 performance problems

Hi guys....I just recently brought the ati 8500 aiw. I reformated my computer and did a fesh install of xp pro. The problem is that when I run 3dmark2001... i get erratic scores. With the majority being around 2500 and sometimes 9000 (my gf2 use to get 3500) I tryed the new catylyst drivers but to no avail. It seems like I would only get the high scores when I just updated the drivers. after I shut down for the night and try it again in the morning. The scores would drop again to 2000 with bad fps. I was wondering if it might be my power supply of only 300.

P4 1.6a@2.13 asus p4b533
samsung ddr 2700
soundblaster audigy
antec 300w psu
promise tx2 2ibm 60gxp 40gig
nic card
Lite on 40x burner
pioneer 16x dvd

I really hope that the problem might be the power supply, cause I would hate to give up such a great card.

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  1. If you have norton utilites or similar run a through scan of the hard drive and resigitry, but sounds like a corrupted regisitry file somewhere cause I had a similar problem once on win 98 not too familiar with xp pro though.
  2. Well, I have a RadeonAIW 32MB and under Win2K it gets ~2000 points in 3DMark 2K1SE. Under WinME I get 3400 points. No matter what version driver I use, nothing helps. The main thing is under Win2K in the first game the Car Chase high and low detail, the sky flashes non-stop from the darkness to light and back again really quickly. It kinda hurts the eyes to look at it.

    What's the deal with lampshades, I mean it's a lamp, why would you want a shade? :smile:
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