Memory can be repaired?

I have memory AM1 256 MB DDR-SDRAM. My memory is broken. But in sometime, I try to connect it to my slot RAM. It is been worked and have accessed Windows98 succesfully. But if I try with WindowsXP it is can be running! Are memory can be repaired?
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  1. Diificult to understand your message.

    English is not your first language?

    What is your first language? If it is French or Spanish, use it. I will try to help

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  2. wow, let me add to this question!
    I have purchased 4 sticks, 2 at a time. ddr3500. My old, tossed in the trash mobo "soyo fire p4f1" did somthing to it. Now it will not work on any mobo, and for all sake is on my shelf waiting for me to misplace it (I payed like $250 per stick!, high end OC stuff).

    Can this be repaired to run at the same speed? is there a device that can tell me exactly what is wrong?


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  3. Most memory has limited lifetime warranties. If it burned out then contact the manufacturer. If you bought generic memory then you "get what you pay for" unfortionately.

    If it works in one os but not another, check your bios settings and possibly set the timings to be a bit more conservative.

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