Windows Server 2012 worth getting?

I currently have Windows Server 2011 on my server computer and the features work great and all but I think there needs to be some performance fixes and things like that. Currently my Core i5 2400 operates faster when hosting a dedicated server on the Minecraft compared to the Windows Server 2011 server that has a 6 core Intel Xeon X5690 (weird right?).

I am hoping that Windows Server 2012 will have these performance issues fixed. So, is it worth upgrading as of now? Will windows 7 games work with Windows 2012 server?
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  1. I assume you mean 2011 Home Server not SBS 2011
  2. +1. There is no product called "Windows Server 2011". You must be using something else which may or may not be related to Windows Server 2012. The closest I can think of is what mal reynolds suggested - Windows Home Server 2011. These are products that while similar, have completely different target audiences and applications.
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