Overclocking eVGA G4 Ti4200 (128mb)

So i just bought this eVGA Geforce 4 ti-4200, installed the 29.42 drivers (xp), and everything is looking good--that is until i overclock the mofo. Every thing published about the Ti-4200 chipset, goes on and on about it's great overclocking potential, So, using coolbits, I set the gpu's core clock to a very modest 285mhz, and than set the memory clock to a very modest 500mhz. At this overclocked setting I then executed 3DMark 2001, and the benchmarking failed after the car chase test, and my computer rebooted.

After trying to achieve a 3dmark score--it kept crashing--by the way i scored a 8717 at the normal clock (which is [-peep-] horrible)--i decided to give Morrowind a run. Everything was running great until my system crashed 20 minutes in. I'm very angry that this keeps happening, especially since the card is supposed to run stable at (307/612). I cant even maintain a steady (285/500). What's the deal!?!?

AMD XP1600
256mb DDR 2100
VIA KT266A Chipset (MSI KT7266 Pro2)
300W power supply
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  1. Same here, mine is an inno3d Tornado Ge4 ti4200 w/ 128 DDR ram. RivaTuner tells me the stock setting is 250/445, which I understood it should be 250/500 - when I overclock the highest I could go stable was 295/501! Horrible, I was anticipating 300/550, since every single review of this card show overclocks that meet and exceed ti4600 speeds. So it's not just your card, very disappointing.

    Athlon XP 1800+
    256MB Kingston DDR266 CL 2
    GA-7VTXE / XP Pro (detonator 29.42)
  2. I think the memeory on my board is clocked slightly less than a number of other ones (ie. visiontek, MSI, Gainward), but i assumed they would all have the same overclocking potential would be the same--perhaps my board's memory isn't capable of achieving the same speeds. Still, that wouldn't explain the core. Damnit, i knew i shoulda waited for a review for this specific card!
  3. next time, dont' buy no brand video card. they maybe cheap and runs stable at stock speed. but when it comes to overclocking, they might totally suck.
  4. My new 64 meg gainward ti4200 is running smooth as a babys bottom@330/570

    10k 3dmark2001, and the best part, I sold my gf3 pure for 130, and got this one for 145!

    15 dollar upgrade!!!!!

    :wink: The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark :wink:
  5. how the [-peep-] is eVGA a no name video card manufacture? Do you live under a goddamn rock?
  6. evga is a brand new company iirc, when he says no name he means from companies without a tried and true record.

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  7. 330/570 sounds nice, being that mine can only get up to 295/500 stable. I have it set to 285/490 just to be safe, I even added ramsinks, which seems to offer little help. The memory on the inno3d says samsung on it, would figure it to be decent. Although I do score 9945 on 3dmark! Not bad I suppose.
  8. Yeah, I really dont understand, I was under the impression that all the 128mb boards were using the SAME samsung memory, that could be clocked easily to a stable 600mhz.
  9. First off, 8717 is not bad at all. Also the 128MB versions run at 444MHz DDR RAM stock, the 64MB runs at 500MHz. As for the crap overclock, it could just cause you got a crappy card. Not all video cards overclock the same.

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  10. Hey Matty, looks like a GF4 Ti4200 isn't the super-duper best overclocker eh? I mean I even got my R8500LE to 310/310.

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  11. Quote:
    Hey Matty, looks like a GF4 Ti4200 isn't the super-duper best overclocker eh? I mean I even got my R8500LE to 310/310.

    Your on the high end of average, but are you stepping up to my overclock?

    mine 250>330 core, thats 33% overclock
    yours 250>310 core(for you) thats 25% overclock.

    (mine is on the average, yours is high end core wise).

    Mine 500>570 about 13% ram.(which isnt as important as core for the gf4)
    yours 550>620 about 12% ram, (Which is more important for the 8500 than the gf4)

    So basically in the area that you dont really need you did ok(25%) and it was my cards bottleneck I got 33%, and in the area I dont really need I got 13% while in your cards bottleneck(ram) you got 12%.

    Add to that the benchmarks and I think we can safely say whos overclock was "super-duper".

    So it so looks like I win, I got mine for 145, how much did you pay for yours, whats your 3dmark score, im 10k+.

    The 4200s overclock nicely, much nicer than the average 8500 oc, and the 4400's overclock even better.

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  12. Technically I got this one for 15$ hehehe.

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  13. By the way, heres a link to some benchmarks showing a ti4400 raping a 300/300 8500, I share them because the average 4200 overclocks to 4400 levels(or very close) and my particular oc is slightly above 4400.

    So, the ti4200 indeed is the king of overclocking <200$, and indeed the king of videocards <200$

    Of particular interest is the codecreatures demo/benchmark, the 8500 300/300 scored 960, and the 4400(which is the equavalent of mine) scored 2529.


    :wink: The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark :wink:
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  14. Hey take it easy. All I was saying was not all Ti4200 are real good overclockers. I mean the average is, but not all. Merely poking some fun at you. You gotta lighten up man.

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  15. I dont understand what makes some ti4200 boards overclock so much better--they all have essentialy the same cooling, and exactly the same ram. I dont buy that some manufactures are [-peep-] and some do a good job, there all just a bunch of refrence boards with a company name on them. Right?
  16. No, some companies use different components like RAM, decoders and so forth. You should try and find a reputable supplier. Usually they use better components. No joke.

    :smile: Falling down stairs saves time :smile:
  17. Even though they have the same ram and same core they are semiconductors which have a varrying range of operating speeds, just like you can overclock some amds 400mhz, and some not even 100, the same applies for the ram and core of videocards.

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