asus s5200n or ibm x31? advice pls

hi, i'm currently deciding between the two. the ibm x31 package is about 40US dollars more expensive so it doesnt matter. the thing that i dont like is its lower speed, the external drive needs an outlet to use, and slower ram. the asus is faster and all that, but i'm worried about its durability PLUS the drive doesnt need an outlet to use with its special connector to the notebook. the battery life of the ibm is a plus and the bulletproof quality, the aesthetics (keyboard), the light and warranty.

so i need some opinions and advice on which would probably be a better buy. i'd use the notebook for dreamweaver (web designing), surfing, photoshop, application development. no games really. some videos probably. i don't really develop/work while travelling.

some questions too:
-how is the performance of the wireless mouse of the s5200n?
-the durability of the asus (hinges, clasps)?

the asus s5200n has the ff specs:

1.5 centrino banias
512MB 333 ddrRAM
wireless mouse
carrying bag
external combo drive (asus)
2 yrs limited international warranty

while the ibm x31 has:

1.3 centrino banias
512MB 266 ddrRAM
external combo drive (same as the asus, seperately sold)
3 yrs warranty
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  1. I dono about Asus, but my bro works with these kind of things since 95, and he uses and recommends IBMs only (I have one, it is titanium man!), anyway, Asus wants to get into portable market badly, and they do make outstanding products, but their support I don't think cut it these days well enough, yet again, they want this market badly, so you might want to try and become a ginny pig and let us all know about your experience with them ;O)

    PS: my next laptop prolly be Asus or HP though.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. thanks for the input! :) anyone else?
  3. ...ah, the age old question of 'quality' vs 'quantity'. The IBM is certainly of better quality, durability etc. but at what price? It will certainly underperform compared to the ASUS, and IBM notebooks usually perform lower than their equivalent counterparts anyway (due to various reasons, such as tried and tested drivers etc.). The only recomendation I can give you, is try to get your hands on an ASUS in a store, or a distributorship so that you can gauge it yourself...


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