I cannot delete the extended partition on Maxtor 200gb

I have a Maxtor STM3250 (250.0GB) hard disk installed on a 2.4 Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, It was partitioned as a three partitions a primary and two extended.
I install a Windows 7 RC and delete the second partition and try to extend the primary but I couldn't.
From within windows I couldn't format the extended partition giving me an error "not enough memory".
After reinstalling windows 7 RC and Windows XP again I tried to delete all partitions, but I couldn't get one partition. I got one primary 70GB and another extended 140 GB. I need your help, how to get a fresh two partitions with a new size.
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    Use a GParted LiveCD/USB. I've used it to reformat and resize partitions, and it works like a charm. You can move your partitions around, resize them, delete them, reformat them, etc. Basically any way you want to handle this situation can be done with it. I'd recommend backing up your data, then using GParted to delete your partitions and start over by re-creating them. Or you could just use it to resize your current partitions if you're nervous about complete OS reinstalls.
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