Geforce 4 ti 4600 causing system crash

Whatsup people. I've been visiting THG for a long time and recently purchased parts for a new computer. Ive been having problems and am gonna try and see if anyone here can help me out. Im going to copy and paste a post from a different forum here rather than type it all out. Hopefully someone here can give some useful feedback.

Ive come to the conclusion that its either my power supply (430 watt generic from or i have a defective video card.

Anyway... here is the post



This is going to be a little long so if you dont feel like reading come back later. Im having a serious problem here and id like to see if anyone here can solve my problem. I've been to various forums and am still awaiting replies from my manufacturers if they ever decide to respond. The only thing I can think of to do next is return my hardware and assume I have a defective product, but I just thought I would check here. First off, I'll start by posting my system specs.

Athlon XP 2100+
Shwiftech m480cx (i think thats the modle number) cpu cooler
with vantec tornadoe 84 cfm fan
gigabyte ga-7vrxp ddr333 motherboard
2x512mb ddr333 sdram cas=2 cl=2 t=1
Asus v8460 Ultra Deluxe GeForce 4 Ti 4600
Soundblaster Audigy mp3+
Western Digital Hard Drives
1x 20gb 5400 rpm
1x 100gb 7200 rpm
Skyhawk aluminum midtower case with 5 thermaltake smart fans
and one vantec tornadoe 84 cfm on the top blowhole (basically
my system stays cool and its not overheating thats the
Enermax 430 watt power supply with dual fans
Klipsch Promedia 5.1 speakers
Sony GDM F500R 21in monitor
lite-on 32x12x40x cd burner
lite-on 16x dvdrom drive

The Problem:

Ok, basically I just got this system a week and a half ago. I threw the baby together wanting to see what framerate I would get in counter-strike now and be able to play games such as SOFII with good framerates now. Thats where the torture began. The computer continually hangs.. I don't mean its popping me back into windows or anything like that. When playing a game my computer will freeze up and ill have to do a hard reboot via the reset/power switch. It also hangs when doing stuff such as listening to winamp and such, but expecially when playing games or doing stuff that stresses the video card.

What I have done:

Here I'll tell you guys what I've done to pinpoint the problem and why I think its probably defective hardware. I spent 2 days trying to get my system working on Windows XP Professional. I flashed my motherboard bios to the newest bios, got the newest via4in1 drivers, newest drivers for my video card, sound card and everything else. When the problem still persisted I reverted back to trying older driver versions for all my hardware. The problem was still there.

During this time I reformatted and reinstalled winXP about 4 times because the constant hard reboots were messing with my system hardcore.. expecially when it would freeze and need a hard reboot half way during a driver installation.

So I pretty much ruled out that it wasnt a driver issue, and was a hardware issue. At this point i started swapping devices to see if that would fix it. I started with my ram, taking out one stick leaving the other in.. and vice a versa. Wasnt the ram. I replaced my sound card (the audigy) with my older one (soundblaster live!) and the problem still persisted. I checked all the temps in my computer and my cpu temp at idle is 37degrees celcius, case temp is 41 degrees celcius. That sounds ok to me. My voltages also appeared to be alright.

I didn't however replace my video card yet. At this point I installed Asus SmartDoctor to check my video card. I got an error message saying my motherboard wasnt supplying my AGP bus with the proper voltage. The required voltage is 3.3 volts and my motherboard is supplying it with 3.1 volts and supposidly this could cause system instability.

So I was excited but also discouraged. I thought it was my motherboard causing the problem.. so it could be fixed, but this meant id have to tear apart my system to send it back to the manufacturer. Well, while waiting for a reply to an e-mail i sent gigabyte tech support about the issue i decided to try installing windows2000 Professional and see if that might fix the problem

It didnt fix the problem. So FINALLY I swapped my new asus video card with my older Herculese 3D prophet 2 (geforce 2 gts) video card. I stopped having the problem. I could play any game and do anything I wanted and not have a single problem. So I thought again, well maybe its the fact that its a less powerful video card and therefore requires a lower voltage to run. I sent another e-mail to Gigabyte asking what the hell was up.. it had been a week and still no response from them.

I also e-mailed the store I bought my motherboard from to let them know I was having trouble, so my warrenty would fall under the 10day money back return policy instead of the 30 day hardware exchange warrenty (in case gigabyte motherboards just suck ass and cant supply a correct voltage in general).

Well, then today I decided just to rule out that it isnt my video card itself, I would throw it in my brothers computer and see how his computerhandles it. He has an athlon xp 1600+ with soundblaster live so on and so forth. Anyway, he got the same problem. The system would freeze. It woudlnt reboot. No bluescreen, no sound loop. Just freeze while playing a game and would require a hard reboot. I installed Asus SmartDoctor and his motherboard was supplying 3.29 volts to the agp bus.. not very far off from the required 3.3.

THEREFORE, I have to assume that the problem is my actual video card. Im going to contact the merchant that I purchased my video card from and ask about their return policy, but before I go to all that trouble is there anything else I can try that I'm missing? Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this problem with a similar configureation?

Any feedback would be great. If you actually read through this whole thing I appreciate you wanting to help. Sorry it is so long but I figure rather than post 8 posts over the next few days telling you all this info little by little I would just spit it out right off the bat that way you guys can respond as accurately as possible and not waist your time.

If you would like to contact my my e-mail is and my AIM name is Asphix20. Thankyou again.



Also, id just like to add that when i actually get into a game using my video card.. soldier of fortune 2 to be exact.. it looks like im running around in a star trek holodeck. All the polygons are black with white outlines. Only some of the textures are drawn. Does this sound like bad hardware? or could it be my power supply?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide me with.

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  1. anyone???
  2. hmmmm...ive heard of lots of system crashes with that motherboard where the core voltage was too low. Raising the core voltage usually fixed those problems but your problem sounds different. good luck.


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  3. I'm no techie but eh...

    Well, if your video card was out-of-the-box/refurbished, it could be that wherever you got it from screwed up something. Or it could have gotten damaged in the shipping. Does anything on the video card look bent or anything?
  4. nope.. nothin bent. Ive tried messin with all the settings on the motherboard. The computer doesnt crash when i take out the vid card so i know its not anything else. Im thinking either its a bad power supply that isnt supplying a clean enough power flow to my AGP slot or the card is defective in some way.
  5. welcome to my world...

    I've been messing around with my GA-7VRXP for a month now... still no fix... I've got it stable @ +10% core voltage, but now... NO MORE OPEN GL, so I'm screwed out of all the new games... I'm thinking about RMAing the mobo back to and getting another one... mabye this one might work.

  6. I figured out whats wrong.. you might want to try this before you RMA your motherboard. First off.. what brand power supply do you have? I had bought a 430 watt generic brand power supply that was supposidly suppsoed to be up to par with enermax's quality. Obviously it wasnt. I figured out that i need a better power supply.. not one that supplies more wattage but one that provides a more steady even flow of power to my devices. With ddr333 ram sucking so much power from the 3.3 volt line, the video card didnt have enough left over to run steady. Might be similar to what you have goin on. Might be worth it to look into it.
  7. I have had the same problem with my MSI KT333 board and MSI Geforce 4 4200Ti card. So I went to the bios and changed the AGP comp drive from auto to manual and set it to C5. It doesn't lock up any more but the benchmarks are low (7250). So it must be a voltage or timing issue with the agp drivers not supplying enough voltage to the card through the chipset. I have sent emails to MSI to see if they can give me the correct settings cause the wrong settings can do more harm than good. So I don't think you have a hardware
    problem just with any new product, all the bugs need to be worked out.

    Mike R.
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