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I recently bought a new hard drive (Western Digital 80GB 7200 rpm w/ 8MB buffer). After some work I formated and partitioned it, got Win XP to recognize it (Disk F and G), and copied all my files (including Win XP) onto it.

I can't believe it, but after all of that I can't figure out how to assign the new drive as the System Disk. Changing the drive letter to 'C' would be nice, too. I got as far as to assign the 'F' drive as ACTIVE, but that's all.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

If time didn't move so fast, I'd really be ahead of things!
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  1. Is the new drive set to master on the primary channel or is it still slave or what?
    You can take a look in the boot.ini file. I believe you can change it to run xp off the new disk if it isnt set as master.
  2. Thanks for writing back. I have set the new drive as the Master and the old on the Slave and the BIOS agrees. Unfortunately, that isn't the problem. It sure sounds to me like its XP giving me the problems.

    If time didn't move so fast, I'd really be ahead of things!
  3. or you can also change the jumper settings on the HDD.

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  4. You are not supposed to copy the winXp files onto it. You should be doing a fresh install in order to get it to be the system disc, C drive.
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