Radeon 8500...Help needed here

I have just bought a Gigabyte Deluxe Radeon 8500 to replace my out-of-date Geforce 256. I formatted the HD and installed Win98se and DirectX 8.1 (0.881). I then installed the supplied drivers and the Rachel demo ( to see what this card can do). When I ran it (card not over-clocked at all), all I could see was a lot of long lines comming from where her face is towards the screen. I then installed Operation Flashpoint and saw a lot of soldiers running around with no faces or any other body parts. All I could see was the gun and the jackets they wore.

Right, now I installed the latest drivers from ATI web-site. Still no luck. Can someone please help me with this one? No more artifacts Please!!!

Celeron 850
Asus Cusl2( Latest Bios installed )
256 megs pc100
Creative Ensoniq sound card
40 gig WD HD
ATI gigabyte 8500 Deluxe 64 meg (7006 bios)

Thanks in advance

Your new hardware is out-of-date
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  1. I have yet to get my ATI built Radeon to work with Operation Flashpoint. As for the other software, God only knows.

    Although this card has performed very well with most games, my next card will be powered by Nvidia.

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  2. That is quite strange. Try the newest leaked BETA drivers from rage3d. Go to www.rage3d.com and look on the left side of the page. Those drivers kick ass. Ive had my Radeon 8500 since December and my framerates have doubled since I bought it because of all the driver updates. DO NOT use the drivers on the installation disc though. They are terrible.
  3. I`ve just read about a new bios ( 7008 ) and I`m going to try it out. If this does`nt work I`m selling and getting a Geforce 3/4 rather..

    Your new hardware is out-of-date
  4. thats strange, i have my Hightech Radeon 8500 64mb retail, and it runs Operation flashpoint and other games no problem, must be a driver setting or some sort of driver related issues
  5. Fiddle a little more with the card. You always give up so easily?
  6. Quote:
    I formatted the HD and installed Win98se and DirectX 8.1 (0.881).

    Bit extreme wasn't that?!

    Have you tried other games, like Quake III or Unreal Tournament? Can you narrow it down to OpenGL or D3D not working? Have you checked DXDiag to ensure everything's enabled properly? How do the tests in that program do?
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