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I have a Hercules GeForce 3 Ti 200 ( The card comes with a short cable for the TV out. Now I wonder what cable do I need to buy to get the signal out to my TV.


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  1. well i could be wrong but i think its called an s cable

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  2. If it has 4 pins and a block, it's an S-Video cable. In order to use it on your TV, you either need an S-Video input, or an RCA Composite input and an S-Video to RCA Composite Video adapter.

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  3. I've got a Hercules GeForce 2 GTS, they may have changed their cabling arrangement for the GeForce 3's but I doubt it.

    On mine, the socket on the board is an s-video (or S-VHS) output. Like Crashman says that's 4 pins and a small plastic block in a circular arrangement. Just get an s-video cable and plug it directly into an s-video input on your TV.

    The small cable that came with the card is an s-video to composite converter. If your TV doesn't have an s-video input, connect this to the card and then get a composite cable to go between the converter end and the TV composite input.
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