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Hey guys, I've been getting random crashes during use of my pc. After weeks of testing, I found out that i have no crashes if i do not install the latest detonater drivers. But if I do, i get random crashes.
is this a common problem?

Processor : AMD ATHLON 1800+ XP
MOTHERBOARD : Spacewalker Shuttle AK32 (VT8366-8233)
GFX Card : MSI Geforce 4 MX440
HD : MAXTOR 6LO40J2 (40GB)
CDRW : IMATION 32x12x48
SOUND : VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller
NIC : US Robotics 10/100 PCI NIC TX
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  1. Do you have the latest motherboard chipset drivers? What's your power supply like? And when you say you "don't install the latest detonator drivers", what exactly do you install instead? The default Windows driver?
  2. >is this a common problem?<

    I'm going to assume you get no crashes w the driver that comes w WinXP.

    IMO yes, at least in my case. I tried for weeks to dual boot with no luck, I think I did better when I didn't dual boot. But, either way I paired up my Gf4 with Win98, and WinXP with my gf2 card. I played UT with WinXP and that is all at the moment, I'm not sure if it will give me any trouble with other games or not, but the system has been perfect, out side of not trying all my other games. WinXP loaded the driver for my card, and when I did update the video card it became unstable, so I put it back. In fact the only update I made was for the live card. It kind of sucks, because I wanted to use WinXP w my Gf4 and maybe even play games, but I didn't get the chance to compare the two OS side by side, it was becoming to much trouble and I wanted to get back to using my computers, not restarting them all the time. So for me it works out ok this way, cause each system has it's purpose. Now if your stuck with using the Gf4 with WinXP, I feel for u and hope you get it figured out.

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