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I have Microsoft WheelMouse Optical. This is an USB mouse but it also has an adapter for PS/2 Connection. Which one would u use,why? Is USB better than the old PS/2?

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  1. it comes with ps2 because there's still people that buy those mice that have no usb. i would go with usb, because unlike ps2 you can take it out whenever you want without turning the computer off. if you do use ps2, use ps2rate to make it as smooth as the usb connection.
  2. That confuses quite a few people, as necro says, the usb is the newer and better, so go with that
  3. I find myself that USB is much smoother and precise than PS/2.

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  4. There is no advantage to USB. I have a PS/2 mouse and I can pick out single pixels on a .22 dot pitch monitor with it. Your PS/2 port is there, you might as well use it. Also, I am not sure if all games support USB peripherals.

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  5. I have a MS Natural Keyboard Pro with USB hub so it makes sense that I install my Logitech in USB. Reduce the wires connecting to my computer from the desktop :smile:

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  8. In many instances, it is proved that there is no NOTICEABLE differences between USB and PS/2. THose numbers are useless if u can't even notice it. Go with USB if u frequently switch your peripherals, and if it is easier to route the wires. But use ps/2 if you don't even remove your mouse, y waste the ps/2 and occupy a usb for a "smooth and precise connection" that you can't even notice.
  9. Fact is, nowadays there are 4 USB ports, why waste the USB ports for PS/2 when you can get better better, happier experience with the mouse?

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  12. I use the PS/2 for my mouse. I only have two usb connector on back of my computer so why waste it.
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