More details on ultrabooks soon! and Harry Potter ebook is delayed.

Intel is going to jump start the ultrabook by organizing a press conference on 4th of October. The conference will present a series of marketing initiatives as well as introducing the ultrabooks.

It is expected that on the day of the press conference, at least 4 ultrabook will be introduced: Acer Aspire S3, Asus UX series, Lenovo IdeaPad U300s and Toshiba Portege Z830.

Acer had already introduced Acer Aspire S3, followed by ASUS. Intel, the initiator of ultrabook, of course will be involved in the ultrabook campaigne.

In mid-September, during the annual Developer Conference (IDF) event, Intel exhibited Acer, Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba ultrabook, produced by Foxconn, Pegatron and Inventec.

Intel forecast that the sales of ultrabook on the fourth quarter will trial the market reaction for the ultrabook, as not many vendors are involved. The first half of next year will be a full scale introductionin to the new market, introducing more brands and the number of models as well as adjusting the price to a lower price point.

In addition, four other company is expected to release their ultrabook including Samsung and HP.

HP already issued a press release and its ultrabook is to be released before the end of this year. Before the introduction of the new HP ultrabook, they will first release an updated version of the HP Pavilion dm1.

In addition, from news source other than Intel, there will be six new ultrabook with next generation Ivy Bridge cpu relased to the market next year. They will be made by Quanta, Compal, Pegatron, Foxconn and Inventec.

Source: (in Chinese)

The other new concerns more to Harry Potter fans, including myself. So, the news is self explanatory, the release of the ebook by Pottermore is going to be delayed until next year. Luckily this news is in English so I don't have to translate it (although I have to admit I use Google translate and edit the error out, it just takes too long to do a full translation):
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  1. Ultrabooks sound like netbooks on steroids. Priced right and with decent battery life, they should just about kill the netbook market.
  2. I do agree, or until tablet gets the Intel i series cpu and MS Window 7/8 with detachable keyboard/touchpad with resonable price.
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