hi i am a student at Concordia university in Illinois and i was wondering if i am building a new computer if i can use the upgrade at I know its a upgrade but can u use it if u have no os on your new computer
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  1. takes me to this site:

    To use the upgrade option (29.99), you need a genuine copy of another windows os. you can get the full version win 7 (64.95) if you don't have another os already installed
  2. is it 64.95 on that website or another website
  3. i believe it is from that site, but i'm not 100% sure
  4. Hi joshhamel,

    The Windows 7 Upgrade for students at the site jefe323 linked you to is a special price of $29.99. This price will not last forever as the usual student pricing is $64.95. However, you do need to have Vista or XP on your computer (and meet the student requirements found on the site) in order to use the upgrade copy.

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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