Leadtek Geforce4 A250 Td 128mb Problems

The problem. Just purchased a new Geforce4 A250 Td 128mb video card.Just as windows is about to load, the system just hangs or freezes. Unable to proceed any further. This is using windows XP Pro.Cannot get into system using safemode under xp pro and under Win 2000 it was pretty difficult to. Actually dont think I could either. Under windows 2000 the furthest I got is 640 x 480 resolution. When loading current drivers 29.42 (in win 2000) the system reboots and freezes just before windows loads.Have loaded current Via 4in1 drivers ver 4.40 but to no avail.
The System:
Msi 694d Pro Motherboard (ms-6321)
Dual Pentium 933mhz Processors
1 gig Ram (4 x 256mb)
Windows XP pro
300 watt power supply
Using on board sound (No sound Card)
Bios 1.9 Award..

Grateful for help...
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  1. Maybe it's your PSU. A 300 watter for a dual CPU system and a GF4 Ti, not a good combination. You should check your rail voltages. See if they're too low. Then you'll know if it's your PSU or not.

    :smile: Falling down stairs saves time :smile:
  2. I too have purchased the same card as part of a new system.

    300 watt power supply
    Windows XP pro / Windows 98 SE
    Asus A7V333 MB
    Athlon 1800 XP
    256MB 2700PC
    Creative Audigy Player
    Creative Blaster PCI modem
    60GB Hard drive
    Mitsumi CD-RW
    AOpen DVD

    After only 4 weeks of use my system began locking up (XP pro). I first noticed that a small area of the screen under the mouse cursor would become corrupt/garbled and lockup would follow shortly.

    Within a day my system exhibited the exact same symptoms as yours - booting to a black screen or sometimes a black screen with mouse cursor.

    In Win XP Pro safe mode and Win 98 SE safe mode the machine would boot but the display would be garbled - you know what I mean, you can make out the overall display but it would be covered by a patchwork of magenta/cyan lines, dots and flashing pixels.

    Funny the card is OK in DOS mode.

    To check I hand not picked up any dodgy drivers or that nothing was corrupt I did a complete re-format and install of my system. It was obvious from the start that something was wrong, as the Win 98 SE setup screen was a mess as soon as it was displayed.

    I have just assumed my card was faulty (perhaps incorrectly) and have sent it back under warranty for repair. I will post here if a fault was found and they provide an explanation.

    Like I said before the card was working fine for over a month and I gave it some hammer. In my case I don't think that my card was underpowered.

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