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Win 95 machine auto reboots @ win95 logo screen

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January 7, 2004 3:56:05 PM

There's an old compaq (2100mx -I think-) here at work that needed a network printer added (an HP Laser Jet 2100 connected to a jetdirect port), which I did, but for some reason the computer thought the printer was offline. So I figured a reboot outta take care of that, and boy was I wrong. Now everytime I do a normal startup the computer automatically reboots during the win95 logo screen. I can startup in safemode fine.. So I went in and removed the printer I had just installed.. No go. I also ran through the step by step, which went ok though all of the confirmations, but still rebooted after.

The bootlog shows all drivers and devices loading successfully.. the only things that doesn't load successfully are quite a few font files. They aren't custom fonts either, all stock fonts.. things like arial, verandun, etc.. I don't know if these have anything to do with it rebooting or not, but thought i'd throw that out there just in case.

Unfortunately Win95 (or at least the version we have here) doesn't have msconfig, so I can't try different selective startup configurations.. There's nothing in the autoexec.bat.. I'm not sure what could be causing this issue, and it doesnt make sense that adding a printer would cause it either, especially after removing it.

Well, if any Win9x experts out there can make some sense out of this and help me fix it, I'd be very grateful.

Oh, forgot to mention.. These win95 machines are not using Novell.. Just using the group policy to lock it down and pull thier profiles from the network.

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January 8, 2004 1:34:50 PM

Nevermind.. Ran a thorough scan disk and it works now.. wierd