How do I restore my Windows 7 laptop

Hello,How do i restore my windows 7 laptop
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  1. Hi Laura - You can use System Restore to go back to a point when your computer wasn't experiencing any problems -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  2. It would also help if you explained what problem you are having that you feel a restore is required.
  3. As Jonmor68 indicated, corrective action is dependent on problems that you are having.

    System restore only works if it is not totally hosed. Newer laptops often do NOT include the system disks and unless you followed the foot notes on creating a Re-installation set of DVD, and "system restore" does not work - time to call the vender, may need to pay for a restore DVD.

    Windows 7 Has a very good back-up utility (The more expensive versions of Vista also have it)
    Once you have it up and running good, Do a Win 7 backup (image file of C Drive to DVDs (or external HDD). The using win 7 back-up, create a Boot disk so that you can use your restore disks to re-install
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