price versus performance? anybody know a good shop

hello, guys at tom`s! i`m planning to get a new graphic card, and i have about 100$ to spend.

i use my PC as a DVD player, and i`m currently using a matrox g450 card right now. but i need a little 3d performance, so i`d like to buy a radeon.

the 7500 model seems right, but lower 8500 models also seem pretty cheap...compared to here in korea, the radeon8500 is at least 0.25 million wons, that is about 220 dollars.

talking of prices, the 7500 is about 100$ here. seems a little overrated compared to US sites.

geforce VGAs are not so expensive in korea(compared to US e-shopping malls), and anyway the 2d graphics are too poor.

so i`m asking...which is better(in performance per price)? the 7500? or the 8500? i`m planning to order from a american e-shopping site, and ask a close friend to bring it with him when he comes to korea.

P.S. i`d be grateful if anyone of you told me a good and cheep internet shopping site for computer parts.

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  1. P.S.S. how`s the new SIS graphic card? none are in the market in korea...i have no info about this.

  2. SiS card=OK but not good. It will not do well in DVD compared to the 7500. Also the first SiS card (the Triplex brand) seems to have some electrical compatibility problems with some motherboards. 3D performance for the SiS is about the same as the 7500 and GF4 MX but still has driver limitations. I would not recommend the SiS Xabre yet.

    Radeon 7500 sounds good. Over here in the US, the Radeon 8500 is $100. Video cards are expensive in Korea! So if your friend comes here, tell him to order a Radeon 8500 from <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>, currently $94 US dollars. Don't bother with refurbished, since you live in Korea any problems you face will be impossible to work around.
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