Problem with GeForce 4 4200 Ti Video Card

Hi all,

I just replaced my old 32 MB GeForce 256 card (crapped out) with a nice new 64 MB GeForce 4 4200 Ti. Now, it seems that web pages and programs (like Word) take FOREVER to load. In the case of web pages the mouse will just about freeze up while waiting for the banner ads to redraw. This is highly annoying since this wasn't an issue with my old card. My system is only a couple of years old (PIII 750 MHz with 512 MB RAM running Windows 98 with DirectX 8.1). I know the new video card has my processor too slow to keep up with this? My settings are at 1152x864 (true 32-bit color) with anti-aliasing off and mipmap set to 'best performance' but I've played around with these and can't get anything better. The dedicated graphics bus supports up to 2X AGP. I have DSL so I know it's not the connection...this happens even when I'm not online. I'm at a loss since the minimum specs for this card only requires a PII with 64MB of RAM. Any help or advice would be appreciated...Thanks (frustrated in MA).
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  1. I'm just gonna offer the advice that is always given around here, make sure you have the latest nvidia detonator drivers. sorry I can't think of any other reason you'd be having problems. go sox!!!
  2. Have you check for conflicts or IRQ sharing. Maybe you have to move your Net card or sound. Do u have a 300watt p/s or better? Out side of that maybe back off on some BIOS settings.

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  3. I've checked for IRQ conflicts...none. I am only running with a 200W PSU though...does this card require more?
  4. the more the merrier, i've heard lots of stuff that half the time problems are caused by insufficient power. 200 seems really low to me on a modern pc... might wanna get 300+
  5. 200 W seems very low to me. You might want to get a new one.
  6. correct me if i'm wrong.. but isn't Geforce4 requires an AGP4x compatible mobo (you're is only AGP2x)? maybe time to upgrade to a new MB/cpu combo huh?
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