UT frame rate capped?

k guys with scores between 9 and 10k on 3dmark 2001 se, xp 1800+, 256 MB DDR ram, 7200 rpm hd, overclocked 64 MB geforce 4 ti4200.... you'd think I'd get much better frame rate on UT, but with the latest detonator drivers I only avgerage 62 fps in DX and in open gl which is way to dark I get about 90 fps. my monitor refresh rate is set high to 120 hz. I have the win xp refresh rate fix and when i stand still and face a wall during the game my fps shoots up to 180 so I know its not a refresh problem.

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  1. Well, w Win98 adding a different driver 4-1, moving a PCI card to ease up on the IRQ sharing has help me. Also, lowering some of the game settings, using 2X. I average about 100, even had it shoot up to 300, but since, back off on my settings. Out of the box WinXP doesn't play UT all that well for me, so screw it, I'll use Win98.
    I'm surprise you shoot up as high as 180, but then lose it. Did you know in UT there is a setting for what you would like for an average FPS, which should be about 10 FPS lower then your average.

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  2. well i use win xp pro and I got the refresh rate patch. I've done everything i can think of , adjusted monitor refresh rates, change bios settings, change video direct x and open gl settings, changed in game settings to different qualities, changed color depth, changed resolution, turned off and on vsync.... nothing I do seems to help very much.

    My point is I have a pretty fast system and should be getting way more than 60 fps in direct x and 90 fps in open gl.
  3. What is your motherboard again?

    I would consider exchanging it. In fact do that for each part afterwards, if the mobo does not make a difference.

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  4. I'm just curious, how well does UT play on WinXP for you? It didn't seem to play as well on my WinXP, but I haven't done anything to try to improve it.

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  5. I think UT games on WinXP are having probs. Deus Ex runs poorly on my WinXP Home, with an AthlonXP 1600+ with a GF3 Ti200. Maybe that was the root of the problem all along that old UT engine games run poorly, no optimizations.

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  6. well with my xp1800, 256mb ddr ram and a ti4200 I get about 62 fps average on outdoor levels and 70 indoors. when i look at a wall and dont move, ive seen the fps jump up to 180. this is how i know it's not a refresh rate issue. I am working on turning off my vsync is Direct x, which i've been told makes the image quality suffer(tearing) but will give you a much better idea of game perfromance cuz UT is capped with vsycn on.

    in open gl i get between 70 and 90 fps depending on the stage, but even with in game gamma settings on max and monitor brightness on max, open gl is a bit to dark for my tastes. I'm using nvidia detonator 30.30 drivers, maybe a different set of open gl hacked drivers would be better.

    my whole point though is that with my pc, I thought I should be getting nearly 200 fps in an old game like UT at low resolutions like 800x600 or even 1024x768 with quality at max. look at quake 3 benhcmarks, systems twice as slow as mine get 150 fps at high detail and 1024x768. maybe you guys are right and UT just blows on Win xp(or blows in general?) cant wait for UT 2003 though =)
  7. Again as said before, UT games seem to run poorly on WinXP, period. Forget about performance, it's a curse that no programmer wants to fix. Deus Ex, UT, whichever UT engine game from 2 years ago, will NOT perform good on WinXP, plain and simple. The new UT2003 is optimized, modified, and ready for XP for sure.

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  8. im starting to think your right, wish i owned q3 so i could run that benchmark... it's not available is a download is it?
  9. The Unreal engine was never intended to use D3D or OGL, it was a Glide thing through and through. It simply isn't optimised to scale well with modern graphics cards.

    As for Deus Ex, sorry to ask the obvious but did you install the last patch? D3D support was horrible out of the box. Personally I have both UT and DX on an XP (:-) box with no problems whatsoever, just not uber-high frame rates.

    You could always try the Q3 demo, though I don't know if that comes with a demo to timedemo...
  10. id love to get my hands on that q3 timedemo that everyone benchmarks with, but i dont own the game and the demo DOESN"T have that benchmark :(

    I hope my frame rate problems with UT is the engine and not my system, cuz im hoping my rig runs UT 2003 well. need to figure out how to disable vsync in win xp, the dx options don't allow me to do that for some reason.
  11. Well, I'm glade I'm not alone then, because I didn't even give WinXP a chance to be my main OS for UT, or gaming. There are to many tweaks, far more then I care to try. Especially when it could be a losing battle, it would be different if it was good to start with. So, I use WinXP for everything els, and the best part is I don't have to shut off, or tweak a thing.

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  12. Hmmm it seemed to IGN that Voodoo 5 was horrible to play on Deus Ex compared to Geforce 2s.
    Yes I had the last patch, some 1.12fm I think. I dunno whether the thing even put some D3D patch but in anycase, the game would run smooth most of the time but the lag was noticeable in far distance areas and action intensive ones.

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