8500 or 8500 LE?

Im planning on buying a radeon 8500 very soon but dont know exactly which on to choose. in newegg a Hercules 3D Prophet FDX 8500 LE 64mb DDR with TV-Out & DVI - RETAIL cost $99 and a Guillemot Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 128MB DDR W/TV-Out and DVI - RETAIL cost $129 both have free shipping but im not sure if the LE version is missing some features. i would like to go to a lower cost but i also want descent performance on future games like UT2003 and DX 2. Please help thanx for the info fellas!
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  1. 8500LE is the same as a Retail 8500 but clocked lower (core/memory) 250/250 rather than 275/275 for the retail version. the 128mb Le performs on par with the 64mb retail 8500. Ut2003 shoudl run fine at medium setting, but at higher res and higher detail, the 8500 will struggle.
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