decided: radeon7500

specs: 270mhz core, 183mhz RAM.

not bad, but too bad that ATI cards are so expensive here.
i couldn`t afford a 8500. and i really don`t like nvidia products(games and 3d is not going to be the main use of my PC)

anyway, i`d better order a new version of radeon when my friend comes from the states.

this doesn`t really belong here, but AMD chips seem so cheap in US. there`s no real price difference between intel and AMD(considering that AMD coolers are so noisy, that u have to buy a new one). same thing with ATI cards. anyone who wants to make a profit, just buy a bunch of ATI CGAs, and AMD CPUs and come sell them in korea.

Be nice.
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  1. Amd coolers are not too loud you have to buy a new one mr fuddypants.

    :wink: The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark :wink:
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