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Hey guys I need your view on something , I need a job within 8 months and will be living on my own. I turn 18 in a few weeks. I have been extensively exposed to computer knowledge my whole life. From my dads friends being top level Networkers, Pc software specialist and programmers. I have succesfully built many of the systems my family uses. at much better prices for them than hp or dell or the like. I personally have built a 1k+ pc and have upgraded over the years. I am very good at software too , and keeping up and setting up diff networking. I can diagnose and troubleshoot many many problems. id like to credit myself to knowing a computer like the back of my hand, as it would especially appear to the average laymen.

My question and advice i need is. What jobs could i look into?
how would i go about getting it, ( i can probly find connections if needed.)
Something i could attain with no other "degree or certificate education" than a hs diploma ( i know more than my dads friends with 4 years plus for their field.)
or a very short time from of gettin such certification, like 6 months.

sorry for my very unprofessional question here( im like a doctor, i need to work on penmanship and typing proper more often too, although i can key 120wpm correctly if needed in a given scenario) But id like your guys input.
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  1. I know a couple of friends who repair computers on their own and charge $60 bucks,the downside to it is a lot of competition, at least where I live, and sometimes clients do not call, and it is all about advertisement.

    Now its nice that you know all of this,but most of the time employers look for certifications/diplomas, because that's what talks, because imagine if any Joe came to the company claiming he knows everything and makes a mess, with a diploma or certification you actually prove to the employer you went to a school and got an education, they trust that more than your word.

    Maybe you can try freelancing for programming,for a company that is looking for a freelancer here and there,but to my experience it is all about being certified.

    Think about this, where do we learn from? Books!, Rarely does a teacher teach us something,and where did the teacher get knowledge? Books! So in reality you go to school to learn from books but you could learn everything reading the same book and not go to school,but how do you prove that you know this? The certification and diploma does.

    Anyways that is my 2 cents, you could try freelancing but most of the time employers want certification more than experience,simply because mistakes sometimes costs the company money.
  2. Hi :)

    I own some computer companies with shops etc....

    My first advice to you would be to NOT repeat things you posted like "id like to credit myself to knowing a computer like the back of my hand" in a job interview...

    You would be saying that to guys who REALLY DO KNOW THAT...and at 18 they KNOW perfectly well that you don't...

    My best advice is to try and get a job in a computer repair business, either PC`s or preferably these days Laptops...

    Get a few years experience, then move on to bigger and better things...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Certs certs certs, the more the better.
    I assume you have no official job background regarding IT so you should start off with help desk support on the hardware/network side and some sort of starter tier for the programming aspect.
    You didn't mention what city you live in so it could be either really hard or really easy. Like, I live in los angeles and everything is outsourced so temp contract jobs are the norm. But in seattle they are always looking for someone.
  4. If you are starting out in IT I suggest gettings windows 7 certified and applying for desktop support roles. Helpdesk roles are ok, but telephone support is tedious.

    Everyone has to start somewhere so don't be afraid of taking a job you will not like to get experience. I used to be a CCTV/Access control engineer (10 years) and had to take a really low paid job to move into IT, it paid off in the end.
  5. As you say you've built better systems at a good price, I'd say you go into Hardware and Maintenance. Apply for a job where you have to manage or repair or build PCs. It could be a IT company specializing in AMCs. Hope I helped. :D
  6. Personally, if you are looking to make a career out of it, see if you can find any sort of help desk level I job or entry level computer technician job.

    It's going to be PC maintenance, basic troubleshooting, fixing printers, doing OS repair installs, etc. The basics you need. Check Career Builder, Monster, Dice, etc. for help desk jobs in your area. Also, don't be above checking the local unemployment office. Businesses will often post jobs there first and then if they don't get any bites, move onto the sites I mentioned earlier.

    Best of luck! =-)
  7. Certs to consider
    Comptia A+
    Comptia Net +
    Cisco CCENT
  8. I have been in the industry since 1984 (no jokes please....LOL). My real boost to my career was with the company MicroCenter in Cleveland, OH. They believe in training their employees, and assisting them in getting certifications. There are other major retailers out there...

    My suggestion would be to position yourself as someone who has been a "hobbyist" with PC's, and you want to make a career out of it...starting out at entry level may not sound glamorous, but it adds experience to your resume. Experience + Certifications = Better Jobs.

    Good luck on the job search!
  9. If you are looking for an somewhat easy way into the IT field, you could look into positions at best buy or staples. Each one has in-store Computer & Electronic "techs". For those jobs you don't need a whole lot of specific experience in IT, just basic knowledge of how computers work and how to follow directions. I don't like best buy, but if you need a job that's not a bad place to start.
  10. Without certs or prior experience my advice would be to either do like so start with computer help desk support or desktop support at whatever company you can get hired at in your area.
  11. I had 5 years experience in IT before i got out of the military and it took me about 8 months to find an IT job. The best way to get started is asking people you know in the field for advice. Different areas view different certs/ experience differently. Try asking the guys you Dad is friend with for help. They might be able to get you in a job that will let you figure out exactly what education you need while getting the experience.
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