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In reformatting a 120gb sata/150 hd. with XP Home. Which is the best file system to use in a desktop NTFS or Fat32.

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  1. NTFS is more stable and secure than FAT32.

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  2. From what I've learned windows Xp does not support Fat32.
  3. > From what I've learned windows Xp does not support Fat32.

    LOL, brilliant comment, I wouldn't come up with a better one ;)>

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  4. You got to use FAT32 if you are dual booting with win ME or win 98 cause if you use NTFS, your win ME or 98 won't be able to read the NTFS.

    Thats just as bad as the guy who posted that Athlon XP cpus wouldnt run any OS except windows XP.

    sorry SuperK just couldnt resist.
  6. i use FAT32.but recommend NTFS.cause i am dual booting.
  7. Both FAT32 and NTFS has their pros and cons, however under XP home you wouldn't be able to use the security features of NTFS. I would use NTFS personally as I know it is a robust FS and that it can handle 120GB with no probs.

    In term of running other OSes (for those who asked) you would prob use a different FS altogether for the other OS (EG Linux uses EXT2) Linux can then read NTFS and (with the right drivers) Xp can read EXT2... And using multiple MS oses on the one box, well you really are going into dangerous territory there... I personally would want 3 partitions, one for each OS which the other couldn't see and then a 3rd to hold data...
  8. But can NTFS read from Fat 32? I am installing a new HD and XP and only want to transfer the files from my old drive. I could jsut put them on a disk but hey, if I can jsut transfer them then thats all good.

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  9. just about any file system can read from and write to any other file system as it is the OS that is doing the "translation" so to speak. As long as your OS supports (or at least you can find drivers for) both types of File Systems then you can transfer and read files between them (This is inclusive of both FAT32 and NTFS)
  10. Fat 32, as I understand it, doesn't recognize NTFS - whereas, NTFS will recognize Fat 32. But previous posters are correct, if you are going to dual boot (Win 98 and XP), you'll need to format as Fat 32 (98 won't load on NTFS).

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  11. I dont want WIN98SE to be able to loa, I am going to uninstall that drive anyway once I get the files off of it.

    So, just to clarify that I undertood you guys correctly, I CAN install XP with NTFS file system and boot into XP and retrieve the files from my WIN98SE drive? I do NOT need to boot into 98SE, just to clarify that, I only want to retrieve files from that drive.

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  12. This is not about which file system can "recognize" the other ... this is about which operating system can support both kinds of file systems. And in this case, with WinXP, both file systems <i>are</i> supported. It's Win9x that doesn't support NTFS. And so, I don't see any problems with retrieving files from within a FAT32 DOS partition that contains Win98 (and other files) while running WinXP, regardless of whether or not the WinXP partition is FAT32 or NTFS.


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  13. Any File system will transfer between anyother File system as long as the OS will support it, and yes you can Transfer between a FAT32 Drive and an NTFS drive with no problems if you use XP, I know this for a fact as I have done this...

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  14. Thank you.

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