Screen Remains Black after Re-Boot (XP Home).

About 1 in 4 occasions after re-booting, and after I see the WinXP logo, I only get a black screen and never get to see the log-in screen. This is "black", not "blank", as the LCD monitor I have does not lose input. Is this hardware (see config below), video driver, or OS?

P4 1.8G (512K cache)
512M PC-2100
LeadTek Ge 3/64M Ti200
Win XP Home
(new system built 6 weeks ago)

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  1. Hey its sounds like your video driver isnt mounting properly. Boot into safe mode and check out the version. Then go see if its the reccomended one for Xp Home and you mobo. I had the same problem but under 2000.


    It seems that every time I reboot my wallet gets smaller.
  2. Thanks, I'll check that out.

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