Quadro 2 Pro freezing

Has anybody any idea which nVidia drivers will stop my Quadro 2 Pro card freezing my Windows 2000 pro system? I have tried many combinations of driver/DirectX versions but they all end up freezing. The Win2k pro (SR-2) system works fine with other video cards and the Quadro 2 Pro card works fine on Windows NT 4.0 (SR 6a). I am using a Tyan Tiger 133 mainboard with 2 x 800EB PIIIs and 512 MB PC133 RAM (all tested fine with diagnostics). Other PCI cards include an Intel Pro 100 S desktop NIC and a Soundblaster Live 1024 card. Thank you in advance. John
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  1. Is this a real quadro or a modded one? Also, any drivers that came w/ it?

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  2. It is a genuine card but I think it is faulty. Thanks for your reply though. Best wishes. John
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