Help! Chaos in my computer

I recently, had to buy some new components for my system due to my fan conking out and the CPU dieing.
After a rollercoaster ride i've come to a dead end and need help!

First, when playing games (fifa 2k2 and Warcraft III) my system would freeze up, the sound would lock and repeat, so I figured this to be a soundcard conflict as the MB had a onboard and I had one plugged in. It stopped the sound freezes...
Now the video just locks up and nothing happens, I have to reset to get it working again.
What is causing this? Or is the likely cause.

MY system is a

AMD Thunderbird 1600 Mhz
Radeon 64 mg DDR
ECS Motherboard

This problem is killing me. Also, I recently tried to install new drivers for the vid card and at first it wouldn't find the drivers, so I reinstalled. Now whenever I reboot it says cannot start up ATI desktop and when I Try to run war3 it can't find directX

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  1. Hi, and welcome to the forums

    You might wanna check this link - my guess is that your MB is a ECS7S5 - right?

    This is a forum dedicated to this mb - if their is ANY hardware conflicts, they would know about it =)

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  2. If you would prefer to keep using the card in the slot try doing this: right click on My computer and scroll to properties. Click the Device Manager tab. Click Sound, Video, and Game Controllers button to get a dropdown list of components. Then highlight the ON BOARD sound card and click properties Find the box where it says "disable this device in all hardware profiles."
    click ok and restart your computer.

    Alternatively you may try clicking Start and go to control panel. Once in Control Panel click Sounds and Multimedia. Click the Audio tab and make sure that your Sound Output Prefered Device and Sound Recording Prefered Device are both set to the CARD not the onboard device.

    Or you can simply remove the card and let the onboard device handle sounds.

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  3. Never knew ya could get a Thunderbird 1600!!!
  4. Wow, nice Tbird, can i have one?

    Your motherboard is known to be problematic. That's also an older problematic graphics card. I would personally recommend replacing both..Getting that setup to work right could be a nightmare...

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  5. I don't know about your ECS M/B, but I have the same ATI card (<b>Radeon 64 DDR VIVO</b>) and I experience the same problem in WC III (choppy graphics then freeze). I recommend trying a newer graphic card. At least that is my plan, as soon as $$ fall from the sky. It sucks doesn't it? :tongue:

    <i>Edited</i>: BTW what is the wattage of your PSU?

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  6. It's overclocked, the t'bird stopped at 1.5 i believe, and the K7S5A did not overclock well

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