7025 3dmarks in 2001se bad?

just got my new ti4200 and Im only getting about 7000 marks in 3d mark 2001 se my system specs is

1.1GHz Tbird
Asus A7V M/B
512MB PC133
GForce 4 Ti4200 64MB
1024x768 @ 60hz

is that a bad score? i use to get 2000, if its a bad score, could you point me out to some tweak guides around the net

another thing is, i ran the test at the default setting, something like 1024x768 w/o AA, is 7025 a good score with those settings? or did u guys think I was running at a better setting?
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  1. sounds ok... your cpu is the limiting factor here..
    if u want 2 improve performance... do the following,,
    In Bios:
    set Cas letency to 2
    set Row precharge time to 2T
    set Ras pulse width to 5T
    set Ras to Cas deplay to 2
    enable 1T command
    enable bank interleave to 4way
    enable fast command
    Disable all unnecessary features such as onboard audio...etc.

    for your driver setting:
    disable Vsync under Direct 3d and OpenGL, i'm not familier with Nvidai drivers, so some one else?
  2. Then when he's done with the test, put it all back for greater stability;)

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  3. that a very good score

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  4. First, the 1.1GHZ Tbird limits, second the PC133 is a bad nono. A brand new KT333 plus 512MB DDR PC2700, and an AXP 1800+ would yeild as high as 9000 with such setup. But yeah when I look back at your current rig, that is actually very nice.

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  5. Sounds like a perfectly respectable score for your machine's specs, jeri.
  6. I get about 8600 with a Ti4200 with a TBird 1333 with 256 PC2100. The limiting factor probably is the CPU/memory. Before I had my Ti4200 I had a GeForce 256. When the chip and CPU was on Sis 745 mobo with PC133, it got 2500 marks, but when I got an nForce mobo with PC2100 the score shot up to 3300, so memory really does play a huge part in getting good scores.

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  7. I'd say that's a great score for your hardware.

    I scored something like 7300 with the following:

    Tbird 1000 @1500 mhz (150 * 10)
    Epox EP-8KTA3PRO
    256MB SDRAM (PC150, cas 2/2/2)
    Radeon 8500 OEM 64MB
    1024x768, 32-bit color (default)

    When I overclock the video card up from 250/275 to 275/300 I score <A HREF="http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3869294" target="_new">8297</A>.

    Oops, that's my score at 300/325 overclock.

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