Leadtek geforce 4 mx 420+matsonic ms 8308E= Freeze

I have got a problem.
I've got a Matsonic MS8308E mainboard with sis 730 chipset my operating system is Windows xp proffesional and my CPU is a AMD duron 850 mhz, and 256 mb sdr.
For a month ago i bought a Leadtek geforce 4 mx 420 64 mb graphiccard. After I put it into my AGP-port and installed the drivers it caused trouble. The picture looks good until the picture freeze and i have to turn the computer of with the switch. I have tested other drivers but the problem is still there. E.g allways when i use the Drag-and-drop method on the desktop my computer freezes. When i tested with a geforce 2 mx 400 card the problem was gone.

Thanks for answear
Fredrik Werner
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  1. Hello there Slingshot...no success yet?
    I know we have been thru this already when we talked on DC
    but I am going to write some lines anyway and see if someone agrees or
    disagrees with me :smile:

    First, that mobo of you´rs seems to be a big problem.
    I looked it up on the net and found out that there have been
    many users that have the same or similar problems when trying
    to put a AGP card in it.

    It also has built in graphics and I am unsure of how to disable it.
    If the built in graphics are not disabled while putting another card in
    it might (probably will) cause you problems like this.
    You should be able to disable it if you search in your BIOS, I am unsure of
    the possibility to disable it thru jumpers and therefore leave that question open.

    It might also be that you have a "crappy" PSU (Powersupply) that fails
    to deliver enough power to all parts in your computer.

    As for drivers, my experience with the SIS chipset is somewhat crippled...so
    I can´t give you any advice, sorry.

    Well anyway, hope you get it to work...if not, you may consider to scrap that "mofo"
    and by a new one, you can probably get a good one for less than $80.

    <font color=red>Russ Gabriel</font color=red>
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